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God, I haven't posted in ages. I'm sorry, I'm just, overwhelmed-busy. Been away for the weekend to gran's, just came back, and of course no internet there. I've only got the strength to log onto twitter at this point, sadly. :(

It's baby Nicky's birthday today!! \0/ Little boy is one year old! <3 It's been a strange, amazing, sad, tough, awesome year. I'm happy to still be around, and I'm happy to have all you guys around with me. ♥ /reflection

In other news, the Cap_IM RBB is KICKING MY ARSE. Happily, found out today that I had my deadlines all mixed up -- in fact, it's not this Friday (13th April), but rather 24th April! WHICH IS A GINORMOUS RELIEF, LET ME TELL YOU. There's so much of this story yet to tell, it's all I can do at the moment to keep up.

Jesus, I'm sorry, I'm just, so tired right now. Drove back from Sofia this morning, after faffing around on twitter until almost half one last night, so hardly enough sleep. Haven't been sleeping all that well, either. Fucking full moon. :((( So all I want right now is to take a nap, but I suspect baby Nicky should be awake soon, so IDK how feasible that is. :)

ANYWAY. I want to make a nice long-ass rec list for Clint/Coulson, because IT IS AMAZING AND THERE SHOULD BE MORE PEOPLE INTO IT. :D And also because it would be so much easier to point people to it when they ask me. So I guess time to compile some fics! :D Tell me, you guys -- which ones are your favourites? Which ones should definitely be put on this list? That would make my job tons easier. <3

I hope everyone's doing as well as possible! ♥
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