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Moar misc randomness

So this is my obligatory WIMBLEDON OMG SQUEE post. YOU GUYS, DJOKOVIC VS TSONGA YESTERDAY. It was unbelievable. The fourth set was some of the most intense tennis I have seen for quite some time. Incredible. Seriously, those two, Tsonga fought like a fucking tiger, but he just does not have Djokovic's stamina and experience yet. He's one to watch, though. STARS IN MY EYES FOR THAT MATCH, FOR REAL.

In other news, I've... er. I have somehow found myself with 1,600 words of an X-Men: First Class Charles/Erik Pride & Prejudice AU. IT IS ALL [ profile] zarah5'S FAULT. THIS IS NOT GOOD. I AM SUPPOSED TO BE WRITING THE ARTHUR/EAMES P&P REWORK. But I rather think I shall write both? The characterisation is actually quite different in the two versions, because Arthur/Eames really isn't anything like Charles/Erik. OH MY GOD I SWORE I WOULD NOT GET INTO THAT FANDOM. WHAT. /0\

In other news, [ profile] red_rahl and I have posted the first part of our collaboration! For petstore owner!Arthur, with bonus tiny turtle, go here: Hand in hand is the only way to land. As before, I shall post it here in good time. Part two is almost half-way done!

I intend to WRITE MY HEART OUT today; I shall add a good chunk to the bakery AU, which we have started! \0/ And maybe finish the second part of Hand in hand, and maybe do a proper outline for the Arthur/Eames P&P thing, AND, if I absolutely CANNOT avoid it, write moar Erik as Mr Darcy and Charles as Elizabeth. OH GOD. It's just, that's what's coming right now like a freight train. WOE.

And to round this random post off, have an instarec: Worth, by [ profile] climb. An angsty, GNeil-y, happy-ending-in-its-own-way masterpiece. Honestly, I had to mop up overspilling tears by the end, but I am in awe of the sheer creativity of the writer. Absolutely stunning story, beautifully styled (you know how I love my technical aspects of writing), truly amazing in its inventiveness. Stars in eyes like whoa. You guys, I urge you to give it a try.

Hope everyone's having a lovely chilled weekend! ♥

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Ooh I love tennis! I was recording so I missed the Tsonga match, but I watched my boy Nadal, who will ALWAYS be my boy, no matter what, because he has a heart the size of Wimbledon itself.

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Wimbledon is my one must-watch of the whole tennis season! We shall have to be rivals tomorrow then, for I shall root for my boy Djokovic! :D I can't help it, okay, he is One Of Ours, being an Eastern European! <3 I felt bad for Murray, though, with all those hopes weighing in on him! He has plenty of time to get there, though! Really, those kinds of mistakes, he cannot have expected Nadal not to take advantage!

I once wrote a 32K tennis (Wimbledon) AU in one of my fandoms. CHANCES ARE I AM EVER SO SLIGHTLY OBSESSED. >.>

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Nole is also very good! I think it will be a good match, no matter who wins.

I....actually really dislike Andy Murray? Not through any fault of his own, but the media makes such a huge thing of him every year, without him really having the skills or titles to back it up, that it always annoys me!

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I guess that this is what used to do my head in about Henman? The media used to fawn all over him, and he really wasn't all that good. At least Murray is still young enough to get there; he has the chance to learn to be good at what he does.

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I have somehow found myself with 1,600 words of an X-Men: First Class Charles/Erik Pride & Prejudice AU.


Please write more, I want to read it. :D

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INDEEEED!! We are a little bit stalled, because Delicatale is moving this weekend, so she doesn't have teh internets. And, well. The Charles/Erik thing has sprouted at least three heads and is eyeing me hungrily. >.>;;

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There can never be too many P&P AUs! I'm so excited you're doing them both, bb!

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sjkfhgjah'gklhfg THIS THING. It has completely EATEN MY BRAIN. Seriously, though, I think I'm getting why no one's done an Inception rework yet -- there just isn't enough cast to fill all the roles! And then you have to make them in character for both their Inception selves AND their P&P selves! Honestly, just thinking about it makes my brain hurt.

Whereas with X-Men, a) you have enough cast to fill almost all the roles, and b) THEY ALL FIT THEIR P&P SELVES MORE OR LESS. But I have to tell you, I complain, BUT I AM HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE. Because ever since I got into Inception and Hawaii Five-0, well, let's face it -- they're American fandoms. And to stay true to the character voices, it means limiting my British English to a minimum -- namely, a load of lovely expressions, certain words, that kind of thing. And this? TOTALLY SET IN ENGLAND, THEREFORE ACTUALLY DEMANDS I USE THOSE WORDS AND PHRASES I HAVE MISSED SO MUCH. \0/

I will still try to write the Inception version, now that I am on a roll. But it would mean finishing one first before diving into the second.