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Day 13

In your own space, share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favourite interview, a book) and explain why you love it so much. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Oh, god. So, SO many. For H50 alone, the list would fill up an entire post limit. Where do I even start. THE CARGUMENTS. The suspects-in-shark-tanks. STEVE'S MF FACES. The entirety of 1.21. In fact, almost the entire first season.

For Inception, again, where do I even start. "Eames, I am impressed."/"Your condescention, as always, is much appreciated, Arthur. Thank you." "Eames!!"/Eames shoots the fuck out of some militarised projections./"You okay??"/"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling." [Emphasis my own, natch] "Go to sleep, Mr Eames." NEED I GO ON, I ASK YOU.

For Clint/Phil, I mean, the entire what, two minutes of screen space they don't even share, I MEAN, "Barton, talk to me."/"You want me to slow him down, sir? Or are you sending in more guys for him to beat up?"/"I'll let you know." [Emphasis my own] What is probably scary is that I am typing this up from memory alone, that's how often I have re-re-re-watched that scene. Banter. Mutual respect. Phil acknowledging the banter/snark. NEITHER OF THEM BATS AN EYELID, WHICH MEANS THAT THIS KIND OF THING HAPPENS A LOT BETWEEN THEM. I just, I love fandom, you know? The connection between them is so clear in those scant seconds that it has spawned an entire ship based on nothing more than snarky BAMFs being BAMFs together. <333

Oh god, okay, I'm going to have to stop now otherwise this will be a post of INCOHERENT SQUEE and my utter LOVE for allllll the things. /0\

Day 14

In your own space, ask for help. Need a beta? Always wanted to learn how to make a vid? a fanmix? icons? Maybe you’d want to have someone cheering for you while you work on an upcoming big bang or fannish bingo? Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I would not say no to a very simple idiot's guide to podfic making. BECAUSE CLEARLY I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH THINGS ON, FANDOM-WISE, AT THE MOMENT. /0\ /0\ I don't even know if people will want to listen to me reading shit, but hey.

But really, I am so, so lucky that right now I actually don't need any help with anything. I have a few people who have the misfortune to be my go-to betas, and/or squee-at-ers, and/or dreadful enablers, and/or cheerleaders, and/or plot-bunny-wranglers. I am a lucky, lucky person, AND I LOVE YOU ALL FOR IT, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. <3333333

I would like to take this opportunity to thank [ profile] delicatale, for at one point or another being all of these combined, including feeding my Jeremy Renner obsession on a regular basis. And in turn, I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE THE PRETTY. BECAUSE I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT I AM NOT ALONE IN SAID OBSESSION, Y/Y/MFY? XDDDD SO BEHOLD THE MAN HIMSELF IN ALL HIS GLORY AND HOLD ON TO YOUR PANTIES BECAUSE UNGHHHHHHHHHHH. (I actually can't make myself put this one under a cut. HE IS TOO PRETTY TO EVER BE HIDDEN UNDER A CUT EVER.)

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Day 1

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Drop a link to your post in the comments.

Hmmmmm. Okay, I guess, one for each.

Favourite fic: Well. Each of the fics I write is my favourite in one aspect or another, but I guess it's a toss-up between these two:

Love in the Time of Marmite
--Arthur-is-a-magical-chef fic. Basically. And then there's Eames. And Marmite. But this is mainly a story about Love, always about Love.

A Secret Love
--Regency AU. Lord Arthur Morwellan is desperate -- otherwise he would never have approached such a dangerous gentleman as Mr Gabriel Eames. While they grew up together, a misguided fight in their youth resulted in their estrangement from each other. But Arthur knows that Eames is the only person who can help him now, and he must find a way to gain his assistance -- even if it means deceiving him as to the true identity of the person in need. But what happens when Eames discovers his shocking secret?

Fic I feel like no one ever saw: I posted this around the time of the first LJ DDoS blackout, and it kind of got lost in the middle of the deluge, so. I'm pretty proud of this fic -- I feel it's one of my best, and it did exactly what I wanted it to do. :)

Not Shy of a Spark
--Noir AU. PI Arthur Lake gets called out to what he thinks is a routine case to help out a friend; things get a lot more complicated when he finds out who the victim is and meets William Eames, the person who found the body.

Fic I would say defines me as a creator: That's a really tough one, no doubt about it. But I think I can definitely say that this is one of the best things I have ever done, and it encompasses my undying need for a happy ending, for things working out for my protagonists, even if I put them through hoops first. It is a pretty perfect snapshot of what I'm aiming for as a writer -- lighthearted, yet with a strong emotional core and a resolution that (I hope) leaves the reader smiling.

Darling Buds of May
--When Arthur agrees to help out a desperate customer at the last minute, he has no idea what he's getting himself into. But then that's Eames for you. If only Eames would stop trying to trick his name out of him, everything would be right with the world.

....I honestly have no idea how this turned into such an Inception fest. I guess that fandom challenges me to produce works that I'm proud to call my own, and Arthur and Eames always bring out the writer in me that wants to aim for the stars.

To finish off this edition of Arthur loves his Eamesie, here's an InstaRec for a fic that honestly made me smile so hard. One of the most delightful things I have ever read, without a doubt. This has been Captain Fluff, your hostess for the day.

you are the place I rest my head by [ profile] papered
--café!AU. In which Arthur and Eames are uni students, and Eames works at the uni coffee shop.


Dec. 24th, 2011 04:03 pm
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Okay, so notice how I COMPLETELY FAILED to leave my [profile] dream_holiday gift until tomorrow? YEAH.

Thanks for the Wings by [personal profile] foxxcub.
This was going to be his last Christmas with his best friend, and Arthur could hardly stand it.

BASICALLY THIS IS THE STORY OF MY HEART. I can't even tell you how many times I teared up to this, and then grinned like an idiot; it made my chest ache, and my eyes leak, and my heart grow approximately fifteen sizes. IT IS THE BEST THING, AND IT IS ALLLLLL MIIIIIINE. *________* MY HEART, I CANNOT EVEN. I can't remember the last time it's had this much exercise. <3<3<3
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[ profile] dream_holiday, yaaay!! \0/

For: [ profile] hungerpunch
Title: They say there's a doorway from heart to heart
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~7,000
Warnings: Amnesia fic. So I don't spoil those who don’t want to be spoiled, for the more sappy readers (like me), highlight to read:
Ambiguous ending in re: regaining memory, but a happy ending in re: Arthur/Eames.
Summary: Of all the pubs in all of England, the handsome stranger has to walk into Joe's. Funny thing is, even if his mind is drawing a blank, Joe's body tells him he ought to know this one.
Author's Notes: Title from a quote by Rumi. Extra special thanks to my SuperBeta [ profile] zolac_no_miko for fantastic nit-picking and niggling at this until it made sense. I truly hope you like it, [ profile] hungerpunch! You asked for something that wrenches the heart a bit but then fluffs it up and makes it better by the end. Here's hoping I have delivered!

What is the use of a door when there are no walls? )


Dec. 17th, 2011 01:39 am
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God, I'm dead on my feet by now, but I just wanted to say,

The Boston Job by [ profile] cmonkatiekatie.
--Arthur can’t seem to make his schedule match up with Eames’, but that’s cool. It’s not like he misses him or anything.

So quiet, so understated, so beautifully complex and full of warm fuzzies and feeeeeels. <3 Eames was wonderful in this, wonderfully written, and oh, Arthur, I just wanted to snuggle him. Also, spectacularly good Ariadne/Yusuf. I just loved this fic with all my heart. <3

And now for bed, for real. And when I get up, I shall post, too! :D
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OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS, SOMEONE TALK ME OUT OF SIGNING UP FOR YET ANOTHER CHRISTMAS EXCHANGE (the Sherlock one this time)!! D: I'M ALREADY DOING INCEPTION AND AM CONSIDERING WILL BE DOING XMFC (damn you, [ profile] pocky_slash with your irresistible allure), and I actually passed on H50 BECAUSE I HAD SO MANY OTHER THINGS ON, OH MY GOD. And now Sherlockmas is back around AND I AM PROBABLY GOING TO SIGN UP, WHAT IS MY LIFE. D: D:

I have nothing further to say at 2.50am other that I have just spent three hours reading I Seem To Be A Verb, this AMAZEBALLS Arthur/Eames Notting Hill AU on [ profile] inception_kink that is just EVERYTHING I WANTED OUT OF TODAY. <3<3<3 Probably everyone out there is reading it already, BUT IF YOU'RE NOT, IT'S MAGICAL AND WHIMSICAL AND JUST REALLY FUCKING COOL and you totally should tap that. *__________*

In the past few days, I have:

++ managed to buy a pair of gorgeous earrings, only to promptly lose one of them not 24 hours later.

++ managed to not buy this utterly gorgeous scarf and am now KICKING MYLSELF FOR IT. I hate it when that happens, so much. Oh well. Now that I have a reason to go to Sofia again (see the clusterfuckery below), if it's waiting for me then it's my scarf, obviously. And I might even get a chance to have tea with [ profile] stardust_made again! \0/ (What do you say, love?)

++ been pissed off beyond indurance by university red tape. They are refusing to let me have my MBA certificate until I provide them with a photocopy of my secondary education certificate, despite having seen it when I enrolled. WTF, UNIVERSITY. AND YOU WONDER WHY PEOPLE LEAVE TO STUDY ABROAD. MAKE YOUR SYSTEM MORE CONVOLUTED, I DARE YOU.

++ come up with an Arthur/Eames plot bunny that won't leave me alone, where Eames is a shy but proud and rather mouthy forensic accountant who stumbles on some mob money-laundering scheme, and Arthur is the FBI agent assigned to protect him until he can testify in court. I CAN SEE THE SPARKS FLYING ALREADY.

++ been told I need to pick up three extra shifts at work because the person who is supposed to be on is having some health issues. Oh well, it'll give me a chance to write my letter of statement, and arrange my work reference. SHIT WILL GET DONE.

++ not managed to write A SINGLE WORD that hasn't been plotting Arthur/Eames FBI agent in denial/plucky witness who stands by his feelings ridiculous AU. WHAT. JUST. WHAT. Let's hope I'll be able to write more Steve/Danny Fake Husbands tomorrow!

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Reposting my other story for [ profile] ae_match, this one a collaboration with the most amazing [ profile] red_rahl, who has been nothing but pure joy to work with! <333

Title: Hand in hand is the only way to land
Author/Artist: [ profile] sirona_gs and [ profile] red_rahl
Prompt: Touch
Word count: ~10,400
Rating: R overall
Warnings: A smidgeon of angst, more fluff thank you can shake a stick at.
Summary: Arthur meets a far-too-appealing stranger when he brings a foundling kitten to Arthur's pet store. This is their story. Or, as [ profile] zolac_no_miko said to me, [It] is all gerbils and pigtails and fluttering hearts.
Notes: This story has been just amazing to write! I want to give out a huge thanks to everyone who commented and cheered this on -- you made it so incredibly rewarding to think up and write! And [ profile] red_rahl -- I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, DARLING. Title from The Cure's Lovecats.

We missed you hissed the lovecats )
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And so I'm back. Only a little the worse for wear, if you don't count the ~30 mosquito bites all over my legs and arse. GAH, IT ITCHES. Five-odd hours in the car at approximately 34 C all the way. GO AWAY, SUMMER.

Anyway, so, knackered. Not to mention that I'm up for 3 12-hour shifts in the next three days, which, ARGH. At least it also means 36 hrs of writing time!! \0/ I AM EXCITE.

I owe comment and email responses, and Lyn, I haven't forgotten you, I promise. Tonight, though, nothing is shifting this damned headache, not even a full bag of Maltesers (which I overdosed on while in Greece since we don't have them here). On top of everything my period decided to make an appearance last night. TODAY IS BEST FORGOTTEN AND NEVER REFERRED TO AGAIN.

So, to make myself feel better, have some Arthur/Eames Darling Buds of May-verse fluff. Because I needed a cuddle, damn it, and so I'm cuddling the lot of you, whether you like it or not.

This is not a letter but my arms around you for a brief moment )
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Officially reposting my [ profile] ae_match fics, now that this round is over!

Title: Tongues in trees
Author: [ profile] sirona_gs
Prompt: Smile
Word count: ~1,400
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Arthur thanks Eames for a wonderful weekend. He just doesn't use words.
Notes: For [ profile] red_rahl, who is an absolute star, and a wonderful collaborator! Her boundless enthusiasm is like a ray of sunlight through the clouds, and I am delighted to be able to show my appreciation! <3 Sequel to Darling Buds of May, but can be read as a standalone. My regards to Master Shakespeare for the title. There is now another little drabble in this verse: This is not a letter but my arms around you for a brief moment.

And this our life, exempt from public haunt, Finds tongues in trees )
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So [ profile] zolac_no_miko tagged me, and since I just feel the need for some SQUEE in my life today, I HAVE DECIDED TO DO IT RIGHT NOW. <3


-Make a list of ten things that make you say OMG.
-Tag five friends to do the meme.

OKAY. Strangely enough *cough* this list sort of got pretty fandom-y on me. This surprises exactly no one, I should think. OMG THIS GOT SO LONG. :D )
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My Lungs Are Fresh and Yours to Keep by [ profile] black_betty_26

I am ASTOUNDED by this story. It's a Band AU, with Arthur/Eames as its primary pairing. You all know how excessively fond I am of AUs, but seriously, this one, my love cannot be contained by mere words. It's been ages since I've read any Inception fics -- I haven't even read [ profile] weatherfront's latest, even though she is one of the few authors who are permanent staples on my To Read list, no matter what she writes (I plan to remedy this in the next ten minutes). But this story sucked me in from the very start, and I was hooked.

The writer is a master storyteller, and the characterisation, the descriptions, the plot, the story, all of it is exceptional. I particularly loved the characterisation; Eames in particular is a thing of beauty in this. The back stories, the inventive way the author told this story, the writing style -- it is a joy to read.

I don't think I could express how much I enjoyed this story, except by happy faces and sprited jazz hands. I was hanging on the edge of my seat throughout.

I am about to say something rather blasphemous. >.>;; But here's the thing; if all Team Angst stories in the [ profile] ae_match are like this one, we are doomed.

BRB stalking [ profile] black_betty_26's other stories.
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klhahgakhgakhgkfgh YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS. /bursts into incoherent sobs of joy/ SOMEONE GET [ profile] weatherfront OVER HERE.

IFRIT, LOOK WHAT [ profile] red_rahl DID FOR US.

HIS FACE, HIS LITTLE BLUSHY FACE, HOW IS THIS SO PERFECT. :') <33333333333333333333333333333

Ahem. What [ profile] red_rahl gone and done is draw a chibi chef!Arthur and helper!Eames, to compliment our Love in the time of Marmite story -- because I asked for magical-chef!Arthut, and because SHE'S BRILLIANT LIKE THAT. AND I AM JUST UTTERLY OVERWHELMED BY THE SHEER AMOUNT OF BIG PINK LOVE I FEEL FOR IT, AND HER. /FLAILFLAILFLAIL/

ETA: I should probably have said, we're sharing it with all the other utterly marvellous cooking stories out there, BUT I'm all about the sharing, because each and every one of them deserves all the love in the world! <3333333
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Title: Darling buds of May
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~3,000
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine. They belong to Chris Nolan, but bless him for giving them to the world!
Warnings: none, really
Summary: When Arthur agrees to help out a desperate customer at the last minute, he has no idea what he's getting himself into. But then that's Eames for you. If only Eames would stop trying to trick his name out of him, everything would be right with the world.
Author’s Notes: Written for [ profile] distracterisey, for her generous donation to [ profile] help_japan. Thank you, darling! Her prompt was florist!Arthur/recurring customer!Eames, which I was all over once I read it! You've been an absolure star, love, and I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it; it's as light and silly as promised! <3 Thanks as always to SuperBeta [ profile] zolac_no_miko for her sharp eye and unfailing support! <3

Darling buds of May )
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Title: Share each other like an island
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2,800
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine. They belong to Chris Nolan, but bless him for giving them to the world!
Warnings: angst, third person viewpoint, allusions to violence, epistolary fic.
Summary: It’s weird, how someone she’s never met, never will meet, likely, feels closer to her than her own mother; how the voice of a stranger has become so important to her that it can lift or sink her, fill her with trepidation for their safety and well-being, make her feel a part of something bigger than herself.
Author’s Notes: Written for [ profile] fred_bear, for her generous donation to [ profile] help_japan. Thank you, darling! Her prompt was Set Fire To The Third Bar (lyrics here). This is a story about longing, and not so patient waiting, but mostly about what it means to be in love. Very experimental, first time I've written third-person-viewpoint. Thanks and half of my soul as always go to [ profile] zolac_no_miko for her unending, relentless support and a most helpful sharp eye! [ profile] fred_bear, you have been a sweetheart and so very patient. I just hope this is at least a little like what you were hoping for! ♥ The user account I've made up is completely fictitious. There might very well be someone with that username out there, but it sadly won't be Eames!

Share each other like an island )
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[ profile] i_reversebang

Art Prompt Title: Sunrise
Art link: Art Master Post
Artist: [ profile] emlyn2

Fic Title: The cunning artifices of the wearer
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: R
Word Count: ~4,300
Warnings: suit!porn

Summary: Arthur is not a petty kind of guy, he really isn't -- but a bet's a bet, and he can't wait to see Eames' gorgeous body draped to its every advantage. Besides, it would be a shame for all his beautiful choices to go to waste. He is not at all prepared for the way Eames takes to the experience.

Notes: [ profile] emlyn2, you have been a joy to write for! I've been meaning to take a forray in the depths of suit!porn, and this gave me the most perfect excuse! Thank you as always to my SuperBeta, [ profile] zolac_no_miko. Special thanks go to [ profile] hackthis and [ profile] bennet_7 for compiling and posting the How to Dress Your Man/Character: An Informal Tutorial and Costumes in Inception for the use of us writers. Title adapted from a quote by Herman Melville. I don't own any of the clothes featured here, but by god, I wish I could wear them!

Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly. ~Epictetus

The cunning artifices of the wearer )
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Are you back with us yet, LJ?

Reposting the fic I wrote for the [ profile] eames_arthur exchange.

Title: Not Shy of a Spark
Gift From: [ profile] sirona_gs
Gift For: [ profile] vvu
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): canon character death, descriptions of a dead body and a crime scene (no blood or gore, though, nothing too graphic)
Word Count: ~6,600
Summary: Noir AU. PI Arthur Lake gets called out to what he thinks is a routine case to help out a friend; things get a lot more complicated when he finds out who the victim is and meets William Eames, the person who found the body.
Author Notes: [ profile] vvu asked for a Noir AU, with Eames as a conman/thief and Arthur as an uptight detective/policeman. Title comes from "505" by Arctic Monkeys, which is one of my favourite Arthur/Eames songs out there. Massive kudos to Raymond Chandler, whom I tapped for inspiration while I was writing this, and a huge thank you to my fantastic beta [ profile] zolac_no_miko for the quick and thorough job! I've made some changes to the final draft; all remaining mistakes are my own.

Not Shy of a Spark )
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Okay, last one, and then I swear I'll stop spamming you with fic for the time being! Until I get bitten by the next plot bunny, that is...

Title: A love story in E minor
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: ~3,200
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine. They belong to Chris Nolan, but bless him for giving them to the world!
Warnings: none to speak of.
Summary: It's a heady delight, having a gorgeous child prodigy working in your music shop, but it's even better when you know he trusts you enough to share his past. A Classical music AU, child-prodigy-piano-player!Arthur & music-shop-owner!Eames.
Author’s Notes: Written for the Eames_Arthur Secret Santa exchange, for [ profile] towel_master. S/he mentioned s/he enjoyed AUs, particularly to do with music, and this one had been knocking around in my head for a while, anyway. The music pieces in this story are real, and can be found on YouTube.

A love story in E minor )
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Love in the time of Marmite
Co-written with [ profile] weatherfront.

For notes, warnings, and disclaimer, please see Part One.

Part Two )
sirona_fics: (Arthur & Eames out for a walk)
Title: Love in the time of Marmite
Authors: [ profile] sirona_gs and [ profile] weatherfront
Rating: R
Word Count: ~12,300
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine. They belong to Chris Nolan, but bless him for giving them to the world!
Warnings: a little bit of angst, past violence (nothing graphic), and also -- fluff.
Summary: Arthur-is-a-magical-chef fic. Basically. And then there's Eames. And Marmite. But this is mainly a story about Love, always about Love.
Author’s Notes: Inspired by and co-written with [ profile] weatherfront, whose mind I want to trufax live in, and finished by me. The beginning was no more than a snippet, which [ profile] weatherfront gifted to the world of fandom like an exquisitely wrapped present; I was bowled over by the sheer whimsical joy of it, and I wanted to know what happened next so much that I ended up writing it. This has been a wonderful, wonderful ride she's taken me on, and I have enjoyed every moment of it! If you want to read this in the original comment!fic form, the thread is here. Title by [ profile] weatherfront, who thought she was being facetious, but ended up describing this thing to perfection. She deserves all the love and adoration in the world. ♥ ETA: Now with amazingly brilliant fanard from [ profile] red_rahl!

Love in the time of Marmite )
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