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This is the mix I put together for my Steve/Tony [ profile] c_im_bigbang Reverse Big Bang! No cover, sadly, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! :)


01 The Jezabels - Hurt Me
02 Fever Ray - Keep The Streets Empty For Me
03 Kings Of Convenience - Stay Out Of Trouble
04 Regina Spektor - Hero
05 Adele - Set Fire To The Rain
06 Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out
07 Sammy Davis Jr - Something's Gotta Give
08 Adele - Daydreamer
09 Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man
10 Gotye - Hearts A Mess
11 Ryan Adams - Desire
12 The Mountain Goats - Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise
13 Stereophonics - Superman
14 Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down
15 Frank Sinatra - I've Gt You Under My Skin
16 The xx - Shelter
17 Ryan Adams - Wonderwall
18 Christina Perri - Arms
19 Imelda May - Big Bad Handsome Man
20 Bright Eyes - First Day Of My Life


Date: 2012-04-24 11:11 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] indigocat
The file has been blocked.

Date: 2012-04-25 12:51 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] indigocat
I've tried from accessing the link from both Chrome and Internet Explorer. I keep getting the File Blocked for Violation page on MediaFire. I'll try again tomorrow.

Date: 2012-04-25 09:08 am (UTC)
lemmealone: (comics: stark naked)
From: [personal profile] lemmealone
Grabbing for a readalong, cheers! Nice genre mix btw.
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