May. 11th, 2011

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‘Ekahi, ‘Elua, ‘Ekolu by [ profile] elise_509. Danny/Steve/Catherine, Danny/Steve, very NC-17.

This is just one of the most utterly incredible things I have read in a good long while. The emotions, the spot-on characterisation, the--you know what? No. Just. Go read it for yourself, and bask in its brilliance. My brain is actualfax shorted right now, and I want to reread it another 50 times at least.

You're welcome.
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Turns out it's a good thing my dissertation hand-in date is pushed back to 18th May, because for the past two days I have felt like my head was going to explode, a mix of hay fever and inflamed sinuses from hell. I feel like utter crap, my blood pressure has been playing up, in short -- I fucking hate mid-spring.

So I've no idea whether this thing is any good, but people seemed to like it, so. That's good enough for me, I guess. [ profile] perspi did this absolutely, utterly delightful tag to this ficlet, over here. Be sure to check it, it's at least twice as good as the original. You can thank [ profile] delicatale's awesomesauce hug meme for all this happymaking stuff!

Hawaii Five-0
~1,700 words

How Steve got his hug and kept it )
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