Aug. 5th, 2011

sirona_fics: (steve & gracie)
Title: Stepping Stones
Pairing: Steve/Danny, past Steve/Catherine, past Danny/Rachel
Word count: ~15,500
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: none, apart from Steve-is-a-Daddy, and a metric fuckton of fluff.
Summary Steve is a full-time Dad to his daughter Julie. When nanny/babysitter Lenora gets into Yale and has to leave, Steve has to make Other Arrangements. Enter daycare centre Stepping Stones, proprietor one Danny Williams.
Notes: So [ profile] delicatale said Let's write something easy and fluffy and For Fun and involving Steve + Baby, because THAT IS NEVER NOT AWESOME. And so the daycare!AU was born. Expect a coda in the near future. Yes, already -- this is too happy-making not to continue. You could see this fic as an outpouring of love and devotion to baby Nicky on my part. <3

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