Dec. 13th, 2011

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I rec this every year since it first posted and I read it, what, three years ago now? And it remains one of my most favourite fics of all time. So I thought, hey, lots of new people around here, TIME TO SPREAD MOAR JOY.

Make the Yuletide Gay, by [ profile] aggybird.
--In which we find romance, angst, a dash of mystery, bad puns, and Santa Jr.

[ profile] aggybird is one of my favourite original slashers out there. Every fic I have read by her has been sheer delight, and filled me with unspeakable joy. And this is a fic that I read every year, at least once as Christmas approaches. Yes, my icon is from there, and yes, it's hilarious and heartwrenching and happy-making in equal measures. And god, it contains some of the best, BEST pining that I have ever read in. My. Life. That scene, you'll know when you get to it, and the couple scenes following, my stomach clenches in a ball of aching hopelessness and desperation every time, even when I KNOW full well that it will allllll be fiiiiiine. So, SO fucking good.

And so. If you love good writing, if you love puns and fairytales and boys in love and pining and fluff, this is the fic for you. I adore it more than I can say. I hope to make at least one of your Christmases, like this makes mine! :D In fact, I rather think I shall read it now. At just under 16K, it's the perfect length for a treat. ♥ I can only hope that some marvellous, talented person can do the same for the, say, Avengers fandom, because then my life would be COMPLETE.
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And also the fault of this pic:

And then... well, and then there was possibly-Art-School-AU-'verse STEVE/BUCKY COMMENT-NOT!FIC SUITPORN AND ALSO JUST PLAIN PORN. THE THINGS HE DOES TO ME, FOR SERIOUS. Warning for copious amounts of CAPSLOCK and overexcited incoherence and pics of men in suits. If that can even count as a warning rather than enticement. And also I should say that it's probably NWS, at least the last part, oh god.

All right. Okay. Now to finish the Coffee Shop AU already.
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