Jan. 11th, 2012

sirona_fics: (never leave me)
I have finally seen it! \0/ And boy was I glad I waited to watch it in the middle of the afternoon -- if I'd watched it last night, or the night before, like I planned, I may have never slept again. :((((( Here's my play-by-play reaction post, with a few links to thoughts and pics and gifs added on! :D I must have made about 30 screencaps of Sherlock's face and John's face and LESTRADE'S FACE. :D Unlike the last ep, I was a lot more coherent watching this one!

[SPOILERS] to 2.02 from this point! )

All in all -- THOROUGHLY ENJOYED IT, even if I did see the halucinogens coming a mile off. MR GATISS, PLEASE TO BE WRITING ALLLLL THE SHERLOCK EPS KTHNXBAI.

In conclusion: Two Holmeses and their Watsons. Because I just. ALLLLLL THE ~FEEEEEELS. :') ESPECIALLY KNOWING WHAT'S COMING NEXT EPISODE. ;_____________;

I am actually rearranging my work schedule to have next Monday off, because I doubt that I will survive a whole day waiting to see the ep, THAT WOULD JUST BE TORTURE. DX
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