Jan. 15th, 2012

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Day 13

In your own space, share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favourite interview, a book) and explain why you love it so much. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Oh, god. So, SO many. For H50 alone, the list would fill up an entire post limit. Where do I even start. THE CARGUMENTS. The suspects-in-shark-tanks. STEVE'S MF FACES. The entirety of 1.21. In fact, almost the entire first season.

For Inception, again, where do I even start. "Eames, I am impressed."/"Your condescention, as always, is much appreciated, Arthur. Thank you." "Eames!!"/Eames shoots the fuck out of some militarised projections./"You okay??"/"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling." [Emphasis my own, natch] "Go to sleep, Mr Eames." NEED I GO ON, I ASK YOU.

For Clint/Phil, I mean, the entire what, two minutes of screen space they don't even share, I MEAN, "Barton, talk to me."/"You want me to slow him down, sir? Or are you sending in more guys for him to beat up?"/"I'll let you know." [Emphasis my own] What is probably scary is that I am typing this up from memory alone, that's how often I have re-re-re-watched that scene. Banter. Mutual respect. Phil acknowledging the banter/snark. NEITHER OF THEM BATS AN EYELID, WHICH MEANS THAT THIS KIND OF THING HAPPENS A LOT BETWEEN THEM. I just, I love fandom, you know? The connection between them is so clear in those scant seconds that it has spawned an entire ship based on nothing more than snarky BAMFs being BAMFs together. <333

Oh god, okay, I'm going to have to stop now otherwise this will be a post of INCOHERENT SQUEE and my utter LOVE for allllll the things. /0\

Day 14

In your own space, ask for help. Need a beta? Always wanted to learn how to make a vid? a fanmix? icons? Maybe you’d want to have someone cheering for you while you work on an upcoming big bang or fannish bingo? Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I would not say no to a very simple idiot's guide to podfic making. BECAUSE CLEARLY I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH THINGS ON, FANDOM-WISE, AT THE MOMENT. /0\ /0\ I don't even know if people will want to listen to me reading shit, but hey.

But really, I am so, so lucky that right now I actually don't need any help with anything. I have a few people who have the misfortune to be my go-to betas, and/or squee-at-ers, and/or dreadful enablers, and/or cheerleaders, and/or plot-bunny-wranglers. I am a lucky, lucky person, AND I LOVE YOU ALL FOR IT, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. <3333333

I would like to take this opportunity to thank [livejournal.com profile] delicatale, for at one point or another being all of these combined, including feeding my Jeremy Renner obsession on a regular basis. And in turn, I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE THE PRETTY. BECAUSE I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT I AM NOT ALONE IN SAID OBSESSION, Y/Y/MFY? XDDDD SO BEHOLD THE MAN HIMSELF IN ALL HIS GLORY AND HOLD ON TO YOUR PANTIES BECAUSE UNGHHHHHHHHHHH. (I actually can't make myself put this one under a cut. HE IS TOO PRETTY TO EVER BE HIDDEN UNDER A CUT EVER.)

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