Mar. 2nd, 2012

sirona_fics: (clint/phil)
OH MY GOD YOU GUYS YOU SPOIL ME SO MUCH. <3333333333 Thank you, for all the messages since yesterday. They've kept me going, your generosity of spirit, your love. It has been a week and no mistake, but with you I know I'll always end up on top. <333

I can't even, you guys, I got three fics written for me since yesterday. THREE. :'))))))) You humble me. AND THEY ARE ALL FICS OF MY HEART. The more I spend around you, the more I convince myself that I could never find better people than all of you, which is something that arsehole will never have, so. I actually don't have the words to express how much I appreciate all of you. So I will share my bounty, in the hopes that it makes others as happy as it made me. :) And as appreciation, it's looking like I'll be able to post that Clint/Phil D/s fic later tonight, so I'll be able to give something back to all of you! <3 In the order I got the notifs:

Ten Words Or Less by the inimitable [ profile] gyzym

This has Clint/Coulson as well as ensemble, and it made me grin like an absolute idiot. :D So, so utterly happy-making. <333

Tea and Sympathy by [ profile] rubygirl29
--Clint Barton is having a bad day. Tea and sympathy help. So does a kiss.

You guys, this is the most adorable thing ever. UGH THEY ARE SO SMITTEN WITH EACH OTHER JKFHLKSJHGDFLGH I CAN'T. <3333

A Different Kind of Love Story by [ profile] someidiothasice
--He doesn't delude himself. He knows that the life he leads, the life of an agent, isn't fair to a romantic partner.

This is, without question, something I will carry with me for a long time to come. It somehow manages to reach inside me and gives voice to all the feelings it finds, all the secret hopes and dreams. It made me cry, in that wonderful 'oh thank fuck, someone gets it' way. I can't recommend it enough. <3333 Probably one of the kindest things a person has ever done for me without even knowing they were doing it. :)

Also a supernice person gave me Dreamwidth paid time, to which I say, THANK YOU, SIR/MADAM, YOU ARE ASTOUNDINGLY WONDERFUL. <3333

Basically, I am the luckiest person to have all of you. And I'd be a fool to believe some wanker over all of you. So I shan't make that mistake. ;)

In other news, turns out my cousin is coming to visit this weekend, so I anticipate a very pleasant Friday night and Saturday all round. \0/ To celebrate, I shall make cupcakes (AND THINK OF COULSON AS I BAKE, Y/Y/MFY? ;P) and indulge myself in happy-making things. :D
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