Mar. 9th, 2012

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I have been terribly quiet of late, I know. I... don't really have an excuse? Been reading lots, finally finished Rivers of London (which btw was spectacular, heartily recommend it), and sterted Moon Over Soho. Also have been on a massive Suits binge since yesterday -- I stopped watching it around ep. 5 (I'm on ep. 8 now), and I'm kind of glad I saved them because dayum. *_________* Harvey, you swanky motherfucker, ILU. And now I'm devouring all the Mike/Harvey fic I can get my mitts on. :D Just a nice distraction -- having trouble stringing sentences together right now, although puppy!Clint fic is over 11K already and progressing nicely, and I have ALLLLL THE NOTES for my cap_im RBB, which I shall start writing as soon as I finish puppy!Clint (alternatively, as soon as I have the first scene in my head, after which I expect ALL THE WORDS EVER).

In other news, happy belated International Women's Day! ♥♥♥ WE ARE ALL THE MOST AWESOME. :D Also I have the weekend off, which is unheard of, but also means little to no writing at all, sadly, unless I can squirrel away somewhere to get down to it. As soon as I start working weekends again I expect the words to come crawling out. :D

What else, let's see... I have a bunch of snowdrops in a plastic cup on my desk, which smell like sunshine and Easterly winds and pure essence of spring. ♥ I can't stop sniffing them. :D The asshole from last week proved to be an asshole to other people than me (including my boss), and I am thus vindicated. \0/ So that was good. :D

Things that make me all :D -- my mum gave the the cutest little baby orchid the other day. Apparently she saw it at a flower stand and couldn't pass it by. It is white with a centre that is a delightful mix of yellows and pinks and purples. I LOVE IT SO MUCH, I just want to cuddle it to me. <3333 I have, unsurprisingly, started talking to it. :D

Anyway. I hope you guys have the best weekends, and get plenty of rest, and do things that make you happy. <3333 And maybe at some point I'll manage to check my flist, although when is a different matter. >.> Here, have Gina Torres' GORGEOUS, AWESOME FACE (with bonus Gabriel Macht) for your time! :D What is going on with you guys? TELL ME EVERYTHING. ♥

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