Apr. 20th, 2012

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4am is possibly not quite the right time to be putting together a meme, but damn it, I can't sleep. :( So. Top Ten fics on AO3 by hits:

1. First Impressions, XMFC, Charles/Erik. (14809)
This would be the P&P rewrite that I obsessed over last year, and wrote in something like four days flat. To say I'm surprised this is my top-read fic (and by such a margin) is an understatement. But I guess everyone loves Lizzy and Darcy and Erik and Charles, and putting the two together -- it was practically necessary. Lord only knows when I'll finish the sequel to that. 40K in, about another 20K to come. One day. *sigh*

2. I want you to want me, H50, Steve/Danny. (11070)
My H50 Big Bang, and a whopper of a story. I'm quite certain it's one of the best things I've ever done, and will ever do. I'm damn proud of this thing. <3

3. Happiness is Homemade, H50, Steve/Danny. (8027)
This was co-written with the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] delicatale, and undoubtedly this good because of it. This was our joint H50 Big Bang, and an utter joy to write.

4. All my heart I will lay down precisely at your feet, H50, Steve/Danny. (7782)
I'm surprised by this. This story, I adored writing it in its entirety. It's ridiculously self-indulgent, straight-up Harlequin trope, which is a huge weakness of mine. I guess I'm not alone! :)

5. A million ways to be a good one, H50, Steve/Danny. (7502)
Again co-written with [livejournal.com profile] delicatale; we enjoyed ourselves immensely while imagining what Danny's parents would be like if they ever came to visit. <3

6. I'll see your heart (and I'll raise you mine), XMFC, Charles/Erik. (7503)
I'm actually shocked to see this here. I'm forever convinced that I botched up this story terribly. This is another one of those self-indulgent AU Romances, and yep, I did have a blast writing it, even if the edits on this were horrific. :( I'm thrilled to see people reading it, no lie. <3

7. And I'll cross oceans like never before, Avengers, Clint/Coulson. (6855)
So far my favourite thing that I have written this year. Utterly self-indulgent and unashamedly full of allll the feels. <333 Delighted to see people reading it!

8. A little bit of your taste (in my mouth), Avengers, Clint/Coulson. (6020)
Again co-written with [livejournal.com profile] delicatale (I sense a pattern here :D). This was pretty much the moment when I fell into this pairing head-first, without looking back, because come on. Once you write a coffeeshop AU for a fandom, you're pretty much in it for the long haul. :D

9. A Strange Fear, Sherlock, Sherlock/John. (5800)
It's... strange to see this here. This was a short story that slammed into me when I read that one line in another story (you'll know the one; it's the thing that starts the ball rolling in the first place). I guess this dug pretty deep, and that's why people can relate to it -- because we all have that one fear, deep inside. :)

10. To Sleep, Perchance To Dream, H50, Steve/Danny. (5732)
Another short and sweet story, from my early days in the fandom. I'm surprised to see it so high up, but then again I have always gotten wonderful reviews for it, so. <3

Oooh, what a nice, even showing! I am very pleased, and thrilled in the extreme to see people reading my stuff at all, let alone in such numbers! <3333 I LOVE YOU ALL.
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