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Here it is, the dreaded Masterlist! Sorted by fandom, pairing and date (latest first). All these fics can also be found on AO3. A side note on transforming my work -- the short statement here is that I WOULD BE BEYOND HONOURED. I am an enormous fan of podfics, and I can only dream that someone would find my things worthy of recording. Likewise art -- seriously, if anyone wants to do anything for them, I would mostly be floored that anyone thinks them worthy of prettying up. So there is that.

Avengers 'Verse


Don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet
"That little shit," Jasper snarls, throwing himself in the seat across from Phil in the mess hall, glasses slightly askew and eyes sporting that look Phil has come to associate with a certain specialist recently collected into SHIELD's fold. Written for [profile] avengers_rbb.

You're the one I like the best
Clint tries to come to terms with Coulson's death. He.... mostly fails. Fortunately, Coulson's house plants kind of help.

My heart was wrapped up in clovers
A week after Clint's last exam at university, the visits stop.

Bicycle made for two
Pretending to be Phil Coulson's husband, when all you want in the world is not to have to pretend, is the single worst experience of Clint's life.

Tag me
It's the last class of the semester, and Phil Coulson has a special assignment for his students.

I will ask you to open my door from your side
Phil's car is firetruck red, and she's his pride and joy. She deserves the very best of care, something Phil can't give her by himself -- he's the CFO of Stark Industries, not the experienced mechanic she needs. This is a project that needs outsourcing -- straight to Steve Rogers' garage and its preternaturally gifted restorer, Clint Barton. Co-written with [personal profile] delicatale.

Lemme take the friction from your lips
Written for Cthonical, who was having a bit of a day yesterday. She asked for Guns and adrenaline-fueled post-danger fucking, possibly with a little blood and not waiting to get to a room.

I swear I'll drive all night just to buy you some shoes
Two months, two long, torturous months of nothing but Clint's disembodied voice through the receiver pressed to his ear; two months of missing Clint like an ache that won't dissipate no matter how many times they talk, or text, or email. Enough is enough, Phil thinks as he gets in his car.

And I'll cross oceans like never before
'Oh, hell no,' he thinks, looking down at his hands only to be met with furry paws instead of the fingers he expects.
--Or the one where Loki turns Clint into a puppy, and his new condition allows him to gain some startling insights into their resident babysitter agent.

In the backseat
In which Clint takes a leap of faith in more ways than one.

Only his ring finger knows
In which the Avengers take advantage of some unexpected downtime around Tony's pool and several of Clint's tattoos are discussed. Including the one just over his heart...

Babysitting is a calling, not a 9 to 5
In which Phil takes a well-deserved vacation to a far-away, peaceful retreat, and he's fine, damn it. Written for [personal profile] futureperfect.

A little bit of your taste (in my mouth)
Coffee Shop AU. In which Clint owns the coffee shop that makes the best damn coffee Phil has ever tasted, and things only go downhill from there.

A Matter of Proportions
Clint somehow finds himself fascinated by Phil Coulson's sartorial choices. He refuses to admit that he's kind of maybe been thinking about it a little too much.


These fragile bodies of touch and taste
Budapest isn't where it all started -- but it's a start, all the same.

I am ready, I am fine
Post-Avengers OT3 Fix-it fic.


Some enchanted morning
Tony wakes up to the cold touch of bare toes on his ankle. Part three of Olympics 'Verse.

Science and Progress (do not speak as loud as my heart)
Steve's body is not the only thing affected by the Super Soldier Serum.

Whenever I fall at your feet
He leans back further, goes boneless, trusts Steve to catch him like he always does, always will.

I've got you under my skin
Five times Beijing 2008 Olympics Gold Medalist Tony Stark thinks it's going to be no more difficult a job to get ready for London 2012, than what he has just achieved. That is, of course, before Coach Fury comes to visit, and offers him a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a part of something much bigger than himself. Swimming AU. Written for the [profile] cap_im_bigbang. Part one of Olympics 'Verse.

Thunderbolt City
It's competely unfair that the one time the whole thunder-from-the-sky thing happens to Tony, it has to be for someone completely out of his league, who takes one look at him and decides he wants none of it, thanks.

Understanding something doesn't mean you can change it (except where you can)
How Howard Stark went from Captain America's Howard Stark to the one Tony grew up with. And a possible explanation for Tony's Mom not taking more of an interest in her son. And Tony coping with the parents he's been saddled with. With bonus appearances from Peggy Carter, Dummy and, eventually, Steve himself.


Three Day Eventing
Millionaire playboy Tony Stark needs horse riding lessons. His two instructors are more than willing to give him other lessons, too.


Of books and their covers
When Agent Coulson said "We'll be in touch," this is not what Pepper expected to happen. In which there is a dinner invitation issued and accepted.


I break the law once every week to feel your touch
Sooner or later, there has to be a first date. Written for [personal profile] laria_gwyn.


Certainly so many hearts
Years after it first started, Bucky finally lets himself understand that there are many different kinds of love - and family. Part four of Olympics 'Verse.

She threw us straight into the river
Peggy and Bucky get to grips with certain thoughts Bucky's been entertaining with regards to Steve and Tony. Part two of Olympics 'Verse.

Tony/Loki brOTP

And the heart is hard to translate
Tony finds Loki just where he knew he would, sitting at the bar in All Bar One, gazing moodily down into his pint of cider.

Harry Potter


Burning Bright
Draco just wants to get away from the UK, take a break and figure out a few things, not least put paid to his embarrassing unrequited crush. Things don't quite go according to plan. Written for [personal profile] altri_uccelli.

There's nothing you can do that can be done
The Roma have come to England, with their fortune telling and their magic tents. They are rumoured to be able to show people the way to gain their true desires – for all his scepticism, Harry can’t fault the results. Written for [community profile] hd_fan_fair.

Good thing Draco likes gingerbread
Draco is in trouble; figures that git Potter has to be the one to save him. Birthday drabble for [personal profile] nicevenn.

Lost Mail, Found Love
The title says it all, really. Written for [community profile] hd_smoochfest.

What it means to be content
Draco muses on how flying has changed for him over the years. Birthday drabble for [personal profile] nicevenn.

Then and Now
Harry thought he and Draco had an understanding. Draco tries to make amends for being an arse.

Heated Steel
Harry can't help himself (or his libido) when it comes to guns. Written for [community profile] hp_kinkfest.

Hawaii Five-0


Happiness is Homemade
It's not easy, running a Jersey-style bakery in Hawai'i. Things get a little easier (and a whole lot more fun) once Danny meets Chin and Kono's friend, the one who enjoys leaning against his glass cases despite all of Danny's dire warnings, and starts food fights for no reason whatsoever. Written with [personal profile] delicatale, for [profile] five0bang.

You put the lime in the coconut (and add the pineapple)
Danny hates that he has to go undercover with Steve again, at a gay bar no less. He doesn't even know how he's supposed to flirt with the goof --without giving his ridiculous crush away, that is. Still, he has to give it to Steve -- the guy makes a mean cocktail. Written for [profile] h50_exchange.

Kissing ain't for the faint-hearted
Every once in a while, Danny wakes up with Steve, even if he doesn't want to. Written for [profile] kissemdanno.

I've Got My Rock Moves
There's no one quite like Danny -- not that Steve knows. It's irresistible. Sequel to Hold It (Just Like That).

Hold It (Just Like That)
Steve McGarrett, lead singer of SuperSEALs, should come with a damned warning label. Written for [personal profile] delicatale.

Mission 'Secure Danno's Affections'
Steve realises just how much time he's been spending with Gracie when that's how he starts referring to his plan to woo Danny through terrible, heart-attack-inducing Jersey food. He has researched, he has strategized, he has called in reinforcements. There really isn't any way this could go wrong. Co-written with [personal profile] delicatale.

Someone like you One | Two
I hate to turn up out of the blue, uninvited, but I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it.
I had hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded that for me, it isn't over.

Steve tracks Danny to London and shows up on Rachel's doorstep. Sequel to The Long Wait. For [profile] silmanumenel.

I Promise
Coda to 2.06. The day's events plague Danny into sleeplessness. Steve tries to help.

Old Grenade-hand
For [personal profile] siehn. Steve/Danny. Old West AU.

The care and feeding of recalcitrant Steves
Crack. For [personal profile] kristen999 who requested: Steve is delirious (fever, drugged what have you) and Danny has to talk him down from a (tree, roof, anywhere). Can be humorous, serious/scary, or any combo.

Danny's Delivery Service
For [personal profile] andrealyn, who requested an AU in which Danny is an old-school witch who can weave love spells and Five-0 thinks he's been using his mojo for evil (but really, he's not, those idiots fell in love all by themselves). Inspired by Studio Ghibli's marvellous work.

If I'm the bow then you're the arrow
Written for [personal profile] cradle_song, who requested the following: we always see Danny being in awe/stupefied over Steve's badassery--write something where Steve is blown over by how awesome Danny is. AKA Bamf!Danny.

Morning Air
Steve and Danny wake up for the first time. Written for [personal profile] somehowunbroken.

A happy twinkling in the heart
Just a normal Sunday morning chez the McGarrett-Williams household. For [personal profile] siehn, who won me in the [profile] help_yca auction.

A million ways to be a good one
It's exceptionally inconvenient to be coming to certain realisations regarding one's feelings towards one's partner, when one's parents decide to come and visit, and one has to sleep on said partner's sofa for the duration. Or the one where Pa and Ma Williams come to Hawai'i, and Danny finds it nigh-on impossible to hide his growing feelings for Steve. Co-written with [personal profile] delicatale.

I want you to want me
It's all his damned knee's fault. If it wasn't for his body's betrayal, no one would have found out about the fight club, or about his dad practically leaving them to fend for themselves after their mother's death. And they certainly wouldn't have sent the four of them kids to Hawai'i, to live with their aunt and uncle. Although, Danny has to admit that the class president offers a not-so-small consolation... A.k.a. Danny gets sent to Hawai'i to finish high school, and meets the gang, and kind of falls in love. Written for [community profile] h50_bigbang. Link takes you to masterlist.

Stepping Stones
Steve is a full-time Dad to his daughter Julie. When nanny/babysitter Lenora gets into Yale and has to leave, Steve has to make Other Arrangements. Enter daycare centre Stepping Stones, proprietor one Danny Williams. Co-written with [personal profile] delicatale.

The Long Wait
Crossover with Sherlock. Sherlock gets dragged by John to Harry and Clara's ultrasound appointment. Expecting to be bored out of his mind, he falls to his usual hobby of detection. His attention is captured by a reconciled couple who are expecting their second child, but it's not hard to work out that things between them are not going all that swimmingly. This is Danny/Rachel, heavily implied Steve/Danny.

The ties that bind
Steve has to go to a funeral, and he brings a little something along for moral support. Written for [personal profile] tailoredshirt's Suit & Uniform Kink Meme.

Fashion Baby
Undercover at a fashion show, Steve gets mistaken for a model and manhandled into a suit. The result is... more than Danny expects. Written for [personal profile] tailoredshirt's Suit & Uniform Kink Meme.

Oral Fixation
Danny's sister sends him an old video tape. Steve is intrigued, to say the least. Written for [profile] stjarna1984.

All my heart I will lay down precisely at your feet
Lt Cmdr Steve McGarrett is the leader of SEAL Team Six. When the workers at a foreign embassy are taken hostage, his team is dispatched to neutralise the threat and get the hostages to safety. Steve thinks it's just a routine mission. He doesn't realise that rescuing a certain ex-cop and his daughter is about to change the rest of his life.

Heaven upon earth to the weary head
A Sleepy Danny sequel to To sleep, perchance to dream.

Still a whisper on my lips
John McGarrett's garage is not the first time Steve and Danny meet. In fact, they meet ten years earlier, each of them looking for something to make them forget. Unfortunately, that night is not something Danny can just leave behind. An exploration of trust in its various incarnations. Written for [community profile] h50_flashfic.

Here comes sunshine
Danny finds something exceedingly curious while rummaging in Steve's closet.

Out of our minds, out of time: the story of a sweater
Five times Danny's beloved soft, fuzzy cotton sweater makes an appearance. Co-written with [personal profile] delicatale.

My Hero
Danny surfaces one morning to find Steve at his usual spot at the kitchen table, sporting a brand new accessory. It's the reason behind it that makes Danny want to give Steve everything he is. Written for the STEVE MCGARRETT GLASSES MEME at [profile] their_darkness's LJ.

Fighting Chance
The fic in which Danny has a past - as an angry kid that used his Uncle's boxing club to keep his frustrations from exploding all over the world - and Steve is totally, stupidly in love. And finds strange ways to express it, which luckily happen to be taylor-made for Danny. Co-written with [personal profile] delicatale.

Your hands are cold
That Scene from That Film, Steve/Danny style. Or, a Pride&Prejudice drabble.

How Steve got his hug and kept it
Steve needs a hug, whether he knows it or not. Coda to 1.23.

Morning finds you still warm and breathing
Danny's not answering his phone, and Steve is not panicking. Not at all, no, it's fine, it's not like Danny got doused with a suspicious gas compound during yesterday's bust--except that he did, and now Steve is taking Not Panicking to a whole new level. A de-aged BB!Danny fic.

Colouring outside the lines
It is tradition, true enough, and he’s been looking forward to inditing Steve in the Williams’ Easter Saturday club -- though god only knows what unholy mess Grace’s made, if she’s been impatient enough to start on her own without waking him. Written for [community profile] h50_flashfic

Just breathe
Danny's having trouble sleeping after the events of the day. Coda to Episode 1.20.

Hold my breath against the snow
Steve finally gets his dad's car working, and the first person he calls is Danny. It's instinctive. Character study, Episode 1.17-centric. Written for [personal profile] zolac_no_miko's birthday.

In the eye of the beholder
In which Steve is bowled over by a pair of hopeful brown eyes, and Danny isn't far behind. Written for [community profile] h50_flashfic

Sir yes sir
Just a very, very porny ficlet! Danny calls Steve 'Sir' in the heat of the moment, and Steve... Hmmm. Let's just say he's well pleased, and leave it at that, shall we?

A constant satellite of your blazing sun
When a case from Danny's past comes back to haunt him, Steve can't begrudge any help they can get to put it to rest. If only said help didn't have to come in the shape of a too-handsome FBI agent that Danny seems all too familiar with... Written for the [community profile] stevedannoslash After Holidays Prompt Fest.

Only Human
The one where Steve gets covered in chocolate peanut butter during a bust, and, well -- Danny's only human.

To sleep, perchance to dream
The one where Danny can't sleep without Steve. Cliche showcased: enforced bed sharing. It's Grace's birthday, and all she wants is for the Five-0 team to take her camping.

A Splash of White
Danny's not happy about Grace's tennis lessons, so he drags Steve to one of them. Turns out Steve kicks ass, as per usual, but the game brings back memories of why he took it up in the first place.



They say there's a doorway from heart to heart
Of all the pubs in all of England, the handsome stranger has to walk into Joe's. Funny thing is, even if his mind is drawing a blank, Joe's body tells him he ought to know this one. Written for [personal profile] hungerpunch, for [profile] dream_holiday.

Hand in hand is the only way to land
Arthur meets a far-too-appealing stranger when he brings a foundling kitten to Arthur's pet store. This is their story. Or, as [personal profile] zolac_no_miko said to me, [It] is all gerbils and pigtails and fluttering hearts. Collaboration with [personal profile] red_rahl, written for [profile] ae_match.

This is not a letter but my arms around you for a brief moment
Third in the Darling Buds of May verse. Arthur comes home exhausted, and finds an Eames waiting for him.

Tongues in trees
Sequel to Darling buds of May. Arthur says "thank you for a wonderful weekend". He just doesn't use words. Written for Team Romance for [profile] ae_match.

Darling buds of May
When Arthur agrees to help out a desperate customer at the last minute, he has no idea what he's getting himself into. But then that's Eames for you. If only Eames would stop trying to trick his name out of him, everything would be right with the world. Written for [profile] distracterisey, who bid on my [community profile] help_japan offer.

Share each other like an island
It’s weird, how someone she’s never met, never will meet, likely, feels closer to her than her own mother; how the voice of a stranger has become so important to her that it can lift or sink her, fill her with trepidation for their safety and well-being, make her feel a part of something bigger than herself. Written for [personal profile] fred_bear, who bid on my [community profile] help_japan offer.

The cunning artifices of the wearer
Arthur is not a petty kind of guy, he really isn't -- but a bet's a bet, and he can't wait to see Eames' gorgeous body draped to its every advantage. Besides, it would be a shame for all his beautiful choices to go to waste. He is not at all prepared for the way Eames takes to the experience. Written for [community profile] i_reversebang

Not Shy of a Spark
Noir AU. PI Arthur Lake gets called out to what he thinks is a routine case to help out a friend; things get a lot more complicated when he finds out who the victim is and meets William Eames, the person who found the body. Written for the [profile] eames_arthur fic exchange.

A love story in E minor
It's a heady delight, having a gorgeous child prodigy working in your music shop, but it's even better when you know he trusts you enough to share his past. A Classical music AU, child-prodigy-piano-player!Arthur & music-shop-owner!Eames. Written for the [profile] eames_arthur Secret Santa exchange.

Love in the time of Marmite
Arthur-is-a-magical-chef fic. Basically. And then there's Eames. And Marmite. But this is mainly a story about Love, always about Love. Co-written with [personal profile] weatherfront.

Need you so much closer
It’s Christmas -- family obligations dictate Arthur and Eames push themselves out of their warm, comfortable bed flat and take the pilgrimage to their respective families. Neither has any idea just how hard it would be to spend the holidays apart; thank god for meddling mothers. Written for the [profile] eames_arthur Secret Santa exchange.

A Secret Love
A reworking of Ms Laurens' A Secret Love. Lord Arthur Morwellan is desperate -- otherwise he would never have approached such a dangerous gentleman as Mr Gabriel Eames. While they grew up together, a misguided fight in their youth resulted in their estrangement from each other. But Arthur knows that Eames is the only person who can help him now, and he must find a way to gain his assistance -- even if it means deceiving him as to the true identity of the person in need. But what happens when Eames discovers his shocking secret? Written for the [profile] harlequincepted Harlequin Challenge.

The vital importance of fangirls to one's love life
Ultimate Survival AU (Man Vs Wild in the States). Follows the trials and tribulations of Eames trying to commit suicide by nature and Arthur tearing his hair out in the process. A judicious application of fangirl squee finally gets them to admit they might feel more for each other than a simple camera man/presenter relationship.

How to Join the Mile High Club Without Even Trying
Where Arthur is a Flight Attendant, and Eames is the obnoxiously charming passenger who steals his heart. Written for a prompt on [personal profile] inception_kink.

You belong to me, too
Jealous!Arthur drabble.

I Won't Dance
Eames makes Arthur want to believe in happy endings again. Written for a prompt on [personal profile] inception_kink.

Temptation Waits
Robert is having the most boring dinner of his life when the couple on the next table attracts his attention. A Christmas drabble gift. Prompt was Arthur/Eames with a side of Robert Fischer.


Shining softly
A light Ariadne character study re: Cobb. A Christmas drabble gift; prompt was Ariadne/Cobb.



Kevin should not have tried to bluff his way out of Star's dare.


When Gina falls victim to a spell a whole canfull of Celtic-mythology-flavoured worms gets opened in Riverside HQ.

Zander is Such a Bastard for Making Me Happy
Star gets annoyed when his 'cranky bastard' shield gets cracked.

Caring is hell on the conscience
Star works his way through a few things that have been bothering him about the situation he's somehow found himself in.



Home is where you are
A small vignette from the Advantage: Us verse. A Christmas drabble request; prompt was cold hands, warm mouths, damp hair. May not make sense unless you've read Advantage: Us.

Space Piracy: Lessons in Love, Ass-kicking, and Instant Noodles
Co-written with [personal profile] prettypriestess for the [profile] bigbangttebayo. Ninjas IN SPACE! Join Soragakure's pirate ship captain, Uzumaki Naruto and his crew of misfits on an epic adventure, spanning whole galaxies as they fight to gain control of a viciously dangerous viral mainframe, parts of which are contained in the partly-cyborg bodies of nine men and women all over the known universe. Enemies become friends and friends become something more in a frantic race to outrun the unscrupulous Akatsuki organisation and the corrupt Alliance of space cities and steal a weapon that may mean the end of creation as they know it.

Advantage: Us
When your parents are world-renowned tennis players, it is natural that you would want to follow in their footsteps, Naruto reasons when he asks to be sent to tennis summer camp. What happens after that is all that bastard Sasuke’s fault. A tennis AU where both boys’ parents are still alive. Written for [community profile] sn_exchange.

All things of dearest value hang on slender strings
Nothing sours a village’s mood faster than a heatwave, and with the anniversary of the Fourth Ninja War on the horizon, the Nanadaime Hokage knows something must be done about it. That’s where Sabaku no Gaara comes in, but Sasuke is not best pleased with his involvement. Written for [community profile] sn_exchange.

The Youth Club's New Choreographer
Sasuke attends the Youth club's rehearsal. Featuring prissy-bitch!Sasuke, pretty-normal!Naruto, scheming!Kakashi and choreographer!Gai!

A Thousand Sparkles
Kidfic. A special someone comes to visit the Uchiha-Uzumaki household.

Best-laid Plans of Foxes and Ninjas
A sort-of sequel to the "Oh, Kakashi, will you never learn?" drabble. Warnings for mpreg and crack.

Oh, Kakashi, will you never learn?
Team fic, pre-slash Sasu/Naru. A frank discussion of the impossibilities of mpreg. Crack.

Naruto thinks he should be called Sneaky-sama
Sasuke gets assigned his first team. Hokage!Naruto, Jounin Sensei!Sasuke, kidfic.

Crossing Bridges
Moving schools is a whole different ball game. So is basketball. Naruto tries to balance one with the other. The hot captain of the basketball team isn't helping matters.

Uzumaki Naruto Should Know Better Than to Listen to Gossip
Sasuke comes back to Konoha; Naruto is promptly declared one of his parole officers by Tsunade. How will he survive Sasuke moving into his flat for the next 6 to 18 months? And why should he never listen to a word that comes out of Sai's mouth?

Naruto Uzumaki's Guide to Rescuing a CEO From Himself
After a theft of something very important to Sasuke Uchiha from his company Uchiha Industries, FBI agent Naruto Uzumaki comes to the rescue.


White Is Definitely Gaara's Colour
Gaara's musings on Neji's recalcitrant behaviour. Coda to Crossing Bridges.


The Sparrow's Heart
With eight sick dogs, there's a lot of vet visits to schedule. Kakashi finds more than he bargains for at The Sparrow's Heart veterinary clinic, ran by one Umino Iruka.



Not what is said, but what is whispered
It takes The Yard's unparalleled policing talents to alert John Watson to the fact that his blog is in fact much more popular than he imagines. There are... stories online. About him. And Sherlock. Together. Naturally, John turns to Sherlock for a bit of a rant, expecting him to understand. It backfires spectacularly when it turns out that Sherlock hasn't been entirely honest with him... Written for [profile] sherlockmas.

You put your arms around me and I'm home
Sequel to Rolling in the deep. Three days after Manchester, all Sherlock's doing is throwing these looks John's way. John's had enough.

Rolling in the deep
Sherlock decides it's really the best idea ever to trail a suspect to Manchester's Canal Street and straight into a bar. And of course, once there, covers must be upheld. For prompt #8: Innuendo cocktail names. Written for [profile] hpfemme_love.

The Long Wait
Crossover with Hawaii Five-0. Sherlock gets dragged by John to Harry and Clara's ultrasound appointment. Expecting to be bored out of his mind, he falls to his usual hobby of detection. His attention is captured by a reconciled couple who are expecting their second child, but it's not hard to work out that things between them are not going all that swimmingly.

Leave a Trail
John has a present for Sherlock; Sherlock definitely approves. Possessive!Sherlock and happy-with-it!John.

A Strange Fear
Sherlock speaks without thinking, and it really hits home for John.

A Kissing Game
Their first kiss.

The Space Between
In which Lestrade deals with the aftermath of the events showcased in TRF, vis-a-vis the other Holmes brother. Written for [personal profile] stardust_made.

Teen Wolf


It's been like years since it's been clear
It's six-thirty in the morning, but there are warm lights behind the floor-to-ceiling, de-boarded windows, and the 'For Sale' sign on the door has disappeared along with Stiles' memory of where he'd been headed just moments before. The coffee shop is, apparently, open for business once more.

X-Men: First Class


Irresistible Force, meet Immovable Object
Charles doesn't understand how he ended up where he is, with a blind date for the New Year's Eve party and a crush on someone entirely unattainable -- or so he thinks. Modern AU. Written for [profile] secret_mutant.

Part of the path to joy
Erik lets himself live in the moment, for once. For the prompt, What happens after the scene with Logan in XMFC. Written for [profile] secret_mutant.

I'll see your heart (and I'll raise you mine)
For Kriminalhauptkommissar Erik Lehnsherr, this case will change everything. Written for [personal profile] raven_lore, for [community profile] help_japan.

On the nuissance that are cats and their owners
Written for [personal profile] ssw_loved, for the prompt 'Cat, book, rusted'. And boys in love.

First Impressions
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a spouse -- or the nearest set of curtains to hide behind, if you were to believe Mr Charles Xavier. Little does he know that he himself will soon put test to that very truth. A Pride & Prejudice AU.

Date: 2011-07-07 03:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I really enjoy your fan fiction (HP, Inception, Naruto), so I've added you! Hope you don't mind? =)
(It isn't really necessary to add me back- I don't write in my journal...)

Date: 2011-07-07 06:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hi! I don't mind at all! I very rarely write HP and Naruto any more, but I should expect more in Inception! :)
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