In which it's all [ profile] futureperfect's fault

Dec. 13th, 2011 03:11 pm
sirona_fics: (bucky nnnnggghhh)
[personal profile] sirona_fics
And also the fault of this pic:

And then... well, and then there was possibly-Art-School-AU-'verse STEVE/BUCKY COMMENT-NOT!FIC SUITPORN AND ALSO JUST PLAIN PORN. THE THINGS HE DOES TO ME, FOR SERIOUS. Warning for copious amounts of CAPSLOCK and overexcited incoherence and pics of men in suits. If that can even count as a warning rather than enticement. And also I should say that it's probably NWS, at least the last part, oh god.

All right. Okay. Now to finish the Coffee Shop AU already.
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