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Here it is, the dreaded Masterlist! Sorted by fandom, pairing and date (latest first). All these fics can also be found on AO3. A side note on transforming my work -- the short statement here is that I WOULD BE BEYOND HONOURED. I am an enormous fan of podfics, and I can only dream that someone would find my things worthy of recording. Likewise art -- seriously, if anyone wants to do anything for them, I would mostly be floored that anyone thinks them worthy of prettying up. So there is that.

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Title: Thunderbolt City
Pairing: Steve/Tony, Rhodey/Bucky, past Bucky/Tony
Rating: PG-13 for swearing. So much swearing.
Word count: ~6,400
Warning: Angst (resolved), humour, romance, TONY FEELS, non-concensual outing of a gay person (past), AU, DID I MENTION THE TONY FEELS.
Summary: It's competely unfair that the one time the whole thunder-from-the-sky thing happens to Tony, it has to be for someone completely out of his league, who takes one look at him and decides he wants none of it, thanks.
Notes: Entirely based on the gif below. Completely [ profile] sometimesalways's fault for posting it and saying "If you wrote me fic based on this gif I'd love you forever", and [ profile] foxxcub for asking me the next morning to entertain her while she was finishing the edits on her GLORIOUS COLLEGE AU FIC, upon which this happened in more or less half a day. Many thanks also to both of them for cheering me on, and to the latter for the exceedingly helpful and exceptionally diverting beta job. <3 Cookies for everyone who knows where the title comes from -- and before you ask, yes, I am a ginormous sap, okay. Also don't die of shock if there's a sequel to this.

I never expected 'the thunderbolt'. )
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Title: A little bit of your taste (in my mouth)
Authors: [ profile] delicatale and [ profile] sirona_gs
Pairing: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, Darcy Lewis/Bucky Barnes (implied), Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers (one-sided)
Rating: NC-17

Warnings, Summary and Notes in Part One.

Part Two )
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Title: A little bit of your taste (in my mouth)
Authors: [ profile] delicatale and [ profile] sirona_gs
Pairing: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, Darcy Lewis/Bucky Barnes (implied), Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers (one-sided)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~21,000
Warnings: AU (including Clint's background), pining, a bit of angst, a lot of fluff, elements of h/c, otherwise nothing that isn't implied by the rating.
Summary: Coffee Shop AU. In which Clint owns the coffee shop that makes the best damn coffee Phil has ever tasted, and things only go downhill from there.
Notes: Co-written with [ profile] delicatale, who said to me, Clint/Phil Coffee Shop AU, and much like Phil, I fell helplessly for her charms. Endless thanks to [ profile] laria_gwyn, who has been an absolute trooper and helped an enormous amount to polish this. ♥ Thanks also must go to all other Coffee Shop AUs out there, which I'm sure we've borrowed from without even realising. :) And to everyone who was so fantastically enthusiastic about this story, and made apt suggestions that we have shamelessly taken advantage of! <3

If Phil has one addiction, it’s caffeine, and the coffee in the NSA offices is so terribly rank he has no choice but to nose around to find a viable source of espresso on a regular basis. )
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Okay right so this manic cheerfulness thing? SHOWS NO SIGNS OF ABATING, which, I have no idea what is going on BUT I LIKE IT. <3 And intend to make full use of it before the inevitable crash that is bound to occur due to my imminent Time Of Power (thank you, [ profile] zolac_no_miko, for infecting me with that saying, I WILL NEVER AGAIN BE ABLE TO REFER TO IT AS ANYTHING ELSE).

Anyway. I would like to make it known that MY FLIST IS FULL OF TERRIBLE ENABLERS. (I'm eyeballing you, [ profile] somehowunbroken.) Because this morning, I got to work to find an email from [ profile] somehowunbroken linking me to THIS PICTURE (linked, because it is ginormous and if I embed it it would screw up everyone's layouts, BUT YOU SHOULD TOTALLY CLICK ON IT AND GAZE ON THE MINDBOGGLING AMAZINGNESS THAT IS BUCKY BARNES). And then I (very understandably, I thought) had ALLLLL THE FEEEEELINGS GUSHING OUT EVERYWHERE. Which, extremely appropriate icon, me thinks. And then this happened, alongside an exclusively-CAPSLOCK-infested conversation with [ profile] somehowunbroken over IM (see cut below) about ALLLLLL OF OUR STEVE/BUCKY FEELS, directly precluding the events detailed in the aforementioned happenstance, AND BASICALLY THE OUTCOME OF THAT IS THAT I AM GOING TO HAVE TO WRITE THAT BUCKY/STEVE/TONY THING OR EXPLODE FROM SUPPRESSED ~FEEEEEEELINGS, OH GOD. /0\ /0\

The Steve-and-Bucky conversation, under a cut because SERIOUSLY, CAPSLOCK, I AM NOT KIDDING. And also length. YEAH. I WASN'T KIDDING ABOUT ALLLL THE FEEEELINGS EITHER. Also obviously for [SPOILERS] for Captain America. )

In other news, there is a Holiday Love Meme thing going on!! Which, MESSAGE ME WITH ALL YOUR LINKS SO I CAN GIVE YOU SOME LOVE!! :D

More new people! WELCOME. I hope you know what you're getting yourselves in for. >.>;; Intro posts have been going on this week, so feel free to check out my recent entries if you feel like moar insanity.

Anyway, last night I was reading this magazine my mum brought home with her, and there was an article on People's Sexiest Man Alive 2011 list! GUYS, IDRIS ELBA IS ON IT, HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THAT MAN. <3 And Chris Hemsworth's younger brother! AND CHRIS EVANS IS #5!! That is a nice fucking photo of him right there! :D It's a bit of a travesty that Sebastian Stan isn't on it -- next year, maybe?

So that was fun. And then I turn a few pages, AND I SEE THIS.

And while looking for that pic, I ALSO FOUND THIS.


There is also this vid, in which he is UTTERLY ADORKABLE, and also scorching hot with the making out and shit, NNNNNNNGGGHHHH. Also he sounds so smart; I love the bit where he talks about sense memory. HE'S A HUGE FAN OF ICE CREAM. HE LOVES WEARING COLOGNE. (Okay, sidecut, I have a HUGE thing about men wearing cologne and smelling delicious. The easiest way to seduce me is to smell nice and delicious and lickable/fuckable. (I wonder why the hell I haven't done a fic about this, or used it in a fic yet? SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.) So Chris Evans saying this -- WELL, YOU CAN IMAGINE THE EFFECT ON MY LIBIDO.) BASICALLY THERE'S NOTHING I DON'T LIKE ABOUT THIS VID. <3 Also I would just like to say EVAN RACHEL WOOD'S HEELS. I don't as a rule have a shoe thing, BUT THOSE HEELS ON HER, I JUST. *_______* SO. FUCKING. HOT.

Anyway, my god, distracted is the name of the game today. :/
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via [ profile] foxxcub

WHAT. WHAT EVEN. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FUNCTION WITH THIS OUT THERE IN THE WORLD. THOSE SHOULDERS. THAT ARSE. THOSE ARMS. THAT... EVERYTHING. I know not all of you are fans, but. JUST LOOK AT HIM. LOOK. [ profile] delicatale, this should be right up your street.
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I... actually have no idea what this is, or how it happened. One minute I was watching Iron Man 2, after watching Captain America the other day, and the next I had... this.

Which is basically 3,700 words of how Howard Stark went from Captain America's Howard Stark to the one Tony grew up with. And a possible explanation for Tony's Mom not taking more of an interest in her son. And Tony coping with the parents he's been saddled with. With bonus appearances from Peggy Carter, Dummy and, eventually, Steve himself.

Anyway. Seriously, I do not even know anymore. Contains Howard/Steve (one-sided), Howard/Maria, hints of Steve/Peggy and Tony/Steve. And defies rational explanation for its existence. But it's something I've been thinking about for a while, and it wanted out. I should point out that all knowledge I have of the characters was gained from watching the films.

Warning for parenting failure (The Starks), angst, and the fact that understanding why something happens doesn't mean that you can fix it. I like to think that it ends on a positive note, though.

Understanding something doesn't mean you can change it (except where you can) )
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