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...Fuck it, I'm downloading Grimm, even though I need another TV show like I need a bullet in my brainpan. I have been convinced. Spent an hour last night waxing lyrical to a family friend (with whome we share quite a bunch of TV shows, he's such a fanboy despite being my parents' age :D) about Sherlock and how bleedin' incredible all the acting and Martin Freeman and everyone and Molly and JOHN and BC and Lestrade and Mycroft and JOHN were, and as a result he's plenty excited to watch it now! :D


WATSON, MARRY ME. ♥___________♥

I also have White Collar 3x11 on my laptop, and I'm prepared for ALLLL THE OT3 FEELS again. <33333 Show, I have missed you so.

Was rudely awakened at half nine this morning by my nephew, whom I then had to coax to sleep again. If you've never had to convince a cranky nine-month-old that yes, he really does want to go to sleep, you have no idea of the tricks I had to employ. I cycled through the widest diversity of bands until I hit on The Beatles' Here Comes the Sun and he finally relented. Upon which I fetched Rivers of London (which continues to be in every way delightful, I am totally ordering part two as we speak), and spent a happy forty-five mins lazing in bed next to him.

Then he woke up, and I could make myself the best cup of coffee in the entire world. A couple days ago my beloved [ profile] zolac_no_miko's Christmas present arrived -- she had sent me (amongst other things) a pack of Ka'u coffee beans. IT IS THE MOST AMAZING THING I HAVE EVER TASTED. Darling, I'm sold, hook, line and sinker. <3333333333 jhgfhjfhslkfjghfdk you guys, you have no idea how delicious that thing is. It tastes of sunshine and living things and lush green valleys. I am going to smack anyone who wants to steal some of my stash so hard. Even baby Nicky approved; he wouldn't let go of the pack, and was totally going after my mug before I whisked it away. :DD

Anyway. Feeling much better today. Certainly a vast amount less fragile, despite the early wake-up call. Also, words happened last night!! \0/ \0/ For which I totally blame my enablers. XD The singer!Clint story has a complete first scene now, at 2,500 words! :D And [ profile] laria_gwyn has been invaluable, with her smart, delicious ideas, and badass googlefu, and much-needed support, and just plain being wonderful. ...As a result of which I also have just over 1,000 words of a Pepper/Phil thingie? Those of you who listened to me yammer on about them and told me it was THE BEST IDEA AND NOT MAD AT ALL are also to blame. :DDD I'm... pretty pleased with what I wrote, but words were still being conniving bastards, and I think it needs a wee bit of work -- it read a bit clumsy last night. Could just be me beeing a moody bitch, of course. But it shall be up soon! AND THEN [ profile] laria_gwyn IS GOING TO WRITE THE NEXT PART AND SO ON AND SO FORTH AND IT IS GOING TO BE DELICIOUS. \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ Simple, innocent (for now, because I have plans for the two of them, ho yus) fun writing, OH HOW I'VE MISSED YOU. :') Also it's been I don't even know how long since I've written anything het -- no pairing has really grabbed me, for so long, and this is going to be a wonderfully useful exercise! <3

So yes. Words! White Collar! Rivers of London! Amazeballs space ficlets from [ profile] delicatale! The start of an EPIC POST-TRF FIX-IT FIC from [ profile] irisbleufic!! Pretty damn good going all round, me thinks. :D And now I'm going to faff about all day, I imagine. I'm not planning anything -- just see where the day takes me. I'm sorely in need of just such a no-pressure-do-whatever day. <3 First day in a while when I've been excited rather than frustrated about writing! I might work on shit! I might watch telly! I might read! DAY-OFF GOODNESS, COME TO ME. <3333
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I've spent all day wrangling an ill baby Nicky, and I am now exhausted. I'm gonna go to bed in a bit, but first I wanted to share a conversation [ profile] delicatale and I had over the past couple days, because, well. Let's just say WE'VE DONE IT AGAIN. Basically it went something like this:

[ profile] delicatale: OMG Clint/Phil, we need ALL THE TROPES, like puppy fic and kid!fic and coffee shop au.
[ profile] sirona_gs: FHJFHFJGH COFFEE SHOP AU.
[ profile] delicatale: YES.
[ profile] sirona_gs: Have you too been feeling the co-writing bugs bite? BECAUSE I KNOW I HAVE.
[ profile] delicatale: WE SHOULD TOTALLY.
[ profile] sirona_gs: ...FUCK IT, LET'S DO IT. \0/ \0/

And so you're looking at about 5,500 words of said Coffee Shop AU sitting pretty in a GDoc overnight until we get to writing some moar tomorrow. YOU GUYS, THE FUN, IT IS EPIC. Also writing with [ profile] delicatale is ALWAYS A DELIGHT, I swear, ALL THE BEST THINGS IN THIS SO FAR ARE HERS. <3<3<3 SO MANY FEEEEELINGS, GOD, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW I'M HANDLING ALL OF THEM. :')

...Those two, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, NO LIE, THEY ARE RIDICULOUS BOYS IN LOVE. <3 This is going to be utterly trope-tastic and I LOVE IT. :D :D It's so awesome, finding a pairing early enough that most tropes are still up for grabs, writing-wise! \0/ \0/

Anyway, oh god, I have an Arthur/Eames fic to edit before sending it out to my SuperBeta tonight. Luckily, it's fairly short -- about six and a half K. Once more unto the breach, et cetera, et cetera.

The Avengers Friending Meme is still ongoing! :D If you're wondering whether to play, there's only one answer to that, really: DOOOOO IIIITTTT. Come make new friends! \0/

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Oh god, the heat, it is unbearable already. There's code yellow and orange for the country, I've barely been able to sleep, and even the thinnest cotton dress is too damn much. Ugh, I'm terribly irritable, but that might be because I'm still on my first cup of coffee as much as the heat. Baby Nicky is naked but for a nappy and he's still like a little stove, he's so warm. I HATE SUMMER. Or, more accurately, I hate summer when it's THIS FUCKING HOT. The forecast is 36 C in the shade. D:

Anyway. Progress has been made!! Hand in hand is the only way to land, part two has been posted, with no less than three gorgeous pieces of art! :D SO CUTE, OH MY GOD. <333 I have SO MANY HEARTS for this story that I've had to borrow from zombies.

The Pride & Prejudice Charles/Erik thing is DONE!! :DDD Does anyone fancy giving it a second (third) look? [ profile] zarah5 has already been over it once, and I've re-read and edited it, too, so it should be pretty solid, but another pair of eyes never hurts! If anyone would be so kind as to volunteer, that would be amazing. <3

We're making really good progress on the Bakery AU, too! :D Yesterday's wordcount is as follows:


16604 / 40000

I imagine that we'll hit 20K at least today! \0/ I'm diving straight in once I've posted this! Moar writing today! :D Yesterday was wonderfully productive, and I hope today will be also! :D Although one of my cousins and his wife are passing through town, so I shall have to be social for lunch. DNW. :/

Oh god, gave myself a plot bunny the other day, WHY BRAIN WHY must you torture me so??? Basically, it went like this. [ profile] andrealyn asked me what Arthur/Eames AU I wanted to read most, and I got to thinking, because as you all know, AUs are kind of my thing. BUT THEN. My brain decided it might be a good idea to work, which, no. BRAIN, IT IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA TO WORK. D: And so this happened:

>>Oh, oh, here's one! Tennis player AU! :D Arthur is the star American player at Wimbledon, and Eames is the British player that acts like a slob and like he doesn't care, but really he's incredibly driven and trains like 8 hours a day. And there shall be prejudice and misunderstandings and EPIC SMOOCHY LOVE. <333 Can't imagine why I haven't thought of it before! *gleeface*<<

BRAIN, NO LOVE. D: Because now I may have to actually write it. Oh Jesus. DDD:
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I am sitting here, watching James McAvoy being fantastic in Wanted with one eye and contemplating my next Big Bang scene, which thanks to [ profile] delicatale's awesome skill of listening to me ramble, I think I now have. \0/

And all this I am doing as I drink the best cup of coffee of my life. And that is thanks to the wonderful, amazing person that is [ profile] imaginarycircus, who sent me a pack of Kona, because she is the best. As soon as I opened the box, the aroma of it hit me and everyone around me. They were all drooling but this baby is mine, and I don't share. >XD Seriously, it is delicious. It is the sacred coffee, and none but me may touch it. XP

I have to go to the shops soon, but for now: YUM.
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