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Here it is, the dreaded Masterlist! Sorted by fandom, pairing and date (latest first). All these fics can also be found on AO3. A side note on transforming my work -- the short statement here is that I WOULD BE BEYOND HONOURED. I am an enormous fan of podfics, and I can only dream that someone would find my things worthy of recording. Likewise art -- seriously, if anyone wants to do anything for them, I would mostly be floored that anyone thinks them worthy of prettying up. So there is that.

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Title: Burning Bright
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: R
Word count: ~1,900
Warnings: Mild drug use (marihuana), alcohol, UST.
Summary: Draco just wants to get away from the UK, take a break and figure out a few things, not least put paid to his embarrassing unrequited crush. Things don't quite go according to plan.
Notes: Written for [ profile] altri_uccelli, for my prompt post from last week (this is the original thread). She asked for "Harry and Draco run across each other in a gay club in Amsterdam, neither having known the other was gay." This is the cleaned-up version (and boy, did it need cleaning up, oh god, I'm sorry, [ profile] altri_uccelli, all those typos. /0\)

Burning Bright )
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So this is an awfully old fic, written almost a year ago, last August for the H/D Travel Fair. I don't know why I never posted it here; probably something to do with those pesky Arthur and Eames taking over my life back then! ;P But the last few days I've been heeding [ profile] altri_uccelli's excellent H/D fic recs, and I've been slowly but surely remembering why I love that pairing so much. And also that was the first time that me and Altri talked properly, over that fic; and for that I will be forever grateful for writing it, because it brought her into my life. <3

So here it is, posted to my LJ for posterity's sake.

Title: There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.
Prompt Number: PROMPT #144
Travel Destination: Europe: UK
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, implied Ron/Hermione, implied Ginny/Neville
Summary: The Roma have come to England, with their fortune telling and their magic tents. They are rumoured to be able to show people the way to gain their true desires – for all his scepticism, Harry can’t fault the results.
Warnings: implied violence/abuse at the start of the story, unrelated to the pairing or the other main characters; some swearing, a smidgen of (resolved) angst.
Word Count: ~10,700
Author's Notes: The Roma tribes really do originate from India – or so an old History textbook tells me. Harry and Draco’s route in Sofia is perfectly achievable – I have walked it myself many a time. Some of you may recognise certain lines – I just couldn’t help myself. They belong to Christopher Nolan; I’ve just twigged them a little. The lyrics and the title are from All You Need Is Love, by The Beatles. Betaed by [ profile] nicevenn.

There’s Nothing You Can Do That Can’t Be Done )
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Yep, you guys, this is the post where you give me delicious cookie dough in the form of prompts, and I try to deliver something in the proximity of yummy in the shape of drabbles before the year is out! Go on, you know you want to!

You know the drill -- any of the usual pairings are a go! (If you're new to the insanity that is my life, just check my tags for the pairings I tend to write for.) Go onnnnnn!! I'm going to be working all through Christmas, so that's three days when I'm gonna need to do something to occupy myself! Idle hands and all that. Save the world -- prompt me!

So -- anyone who fancies a stocking-filler for their hols -- get yourselves over here!
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Author: [ profile] sirona_gs
Title: Lost Mail, Found Love
Object/ Word prompts:Summer job at the post office, lost mail
Disclaimer: I don't own them, JKR does. No profit is being made.
Summary: The title says it all, really.
Pairings: Harry/Draco, mentions of Hermione/Blaise, Ron/Pansy, Neville/Daphne
Length: ~4,800
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A blushing Harry and a somewhat OoC Draco (He wouldn't cooperate! He said he was done with being stand-offish towards Harry and was ready for the love).
Author’s Notes: Written for the [ profile] hd_smoochfest a few months back, when I could still write stories under 10K (/eyeballs Ember); I’m only just now getting around to posting it on my journal. To be honest, looking at it now, I can’t quite believe how much my writing has improved in the less than six months since April – I blame [ profile] aurrai and [ profile] prettypriestess. This is pure, unadulterated fluff and schmoop, so be warned! Thank you so much to [ profile] drippingcherry for betaing this! I’ve made some changes, so any mistakes are my own. I don’t know anything about the inner workings of the Royal Mail – I claim artistic licence!

Lost Mail, Found Love )
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The fabric for my bridesmade (oh god, the horror) dress for my sister's wedding is finally at the tailor's, and the model has turned out to be gorgeous. I'm extremely pleased with the drawing; now we shall see what it actually turns out like.

It's my mom and dad's 30th wedding anniversary today! Wow. That's a long fucking time. They're not the closest couple ever, and they don't talk as much as they should, but they are still there for each other. I guess that's all one can ask for in the end.

You may notice I'm a little more maudlin today than usual, but I'm not having a good day. I can't seem to wake up, my back twinges like a bastard, and the whole 'anniversary' thing has me musing on whether the benefits of marriage can ever outweigh the costs of it for a couple, and for a person. Then again, I am biased against marriage already, so just ignore me, I'm sure I'll get over it in a day or two.

EDIT: This helped ease the maudlin mood some. I fail to see how it wouldn't. /dies of cyoot

In other, much more pleasant news, it's [ profile] drippingcherry's birthday today! I hope you have a fabulous day, darling! Here, have a wee H/D ficlet thingie for a presie!

In which Draco muses on flying. )
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Author: [ profile] sirona_gs
Title: Then and Now
Disclaimer: I don't own them, JKR does.
Summary: Harry thought he and Draco had an understanding. Draco tries to make amends for being an arse.
Pairings: Draco/Harry, blink-and-you'll-miss-it Ron/Hermione
Length: ~2900
Rating: most assuredly NC-17
Warnings: flangst, bottom!Harry, boyxboy sex
Author’s Notes: I actually dreamed the first part (incl. the Flourish & Blotts incident) one night just after Christmas and woke up so upset, I had to give darling Harry a happy ending. This is it, even though it's taken me ages to post it.

Then and Now )
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This is my entry for [ profile] hp_kinkfest last week. It was so much fun to write, especially since I haven't been writing boys with guns for some time now (severe Metanoia withdrawal in progress D:).

Heated Steel, (Draco/Harry), NC-17
Title: Heated Steel
Author: [ profile] sirona_gs
Prompt Number: #383 submitted by [ profile] l3petitemort
Kink Showcased: gun/ firearm fetish
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Draco Malfoy/ Harry Potter
Summary: Harry can't help himself (or his libido) when it comes to guns.
Warnings: guns, er... plot? bottom!Harry, unusual lube, object penetration
Word Count: ~4000

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, JKR does. I promise to put them back as I found them once I'm done playing with them. No profit is being made from this story. No harm was done to any of the guns showcased in the process of this story. I don't own them either, even if the Tikka T3 really does make me drool. Beretta does.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to Mira who beta-ed this sharpish. For reference on gun body parts: Gun parts, and for pictures of the guns used in this story: Beretta catalogue (The Tikka T3 in the story is the one without the extras, just the rifle as is).

Heated Steel )
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