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And also the fault of this pic:

And then... well, and then there was possibly-Art-School-AU-'verse STEVE/BUCKY COMMENT-NOT!FIC SUITPORN AND ALSO JUST PLAIN PORN. THE THINGS HE DOES TO ME, FOR SERIOUS. Warning for copious amounts of CAPSLOCK and overexcited incoherence and pics of men in suits. If that can even count as a warning rather than enticement. And also I should say that it's probably NWS, at least the last part, oh god.

All right. Okay. Now to finish the Coffee Shop AU already.
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I'm just so, so happy to have an episode we can all squee over again! [ profile] delicatale and myself have been going back and forth for the past two hours, and [ profile] delicatale will post an amazing little coda tomorrow, but basically it went like this:

delicatale and I write all the domestic fluff ever )
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Gah, second-to-last pre-holiday shift, I AM CLIMBING THE SODDING WALLS. [ profile] quoththewriter and [ profile] zolac_no_miko were wonderfully distracting this morning, but it's the middle of the night now where they are (or it was when I started writing this post, what the hell) and they are asleep and I am BORED. In liew of shooting the wall and pestering a John (whom I do not have, such a tragedy), I am making this here rambling post.

Last night was--amazing. The Dragneto pics exploded everywhere, and it was filled with glee and rainbows and unicorns and filthy, filthy Charles whom I adore. MUCH FUN WAS HAD. I trust everyone has seen it already? IF NOT, REFER TO MY PREVIOUS POST. THAT SHIT IS UNMISSABLE. Today seems rather grey by comparison, not to mention it's one of the hottest days of the month today and I am melting. D:

Anyway. As of Friday I will very likely be incommunicado for pretty much a week. There's no internets where I'm going, SO I AM PREPARED TO WALLOW TERRIBLY about missing a new Carpe Brewski chapter and talking to all you guyyyyys. D: But I also plan to mess about in the water and soak up as much sun as I can find and read a shitton of books (I am taking eight. I hope they'll be enough). I am also taking Danny (my laptop), so I may or may not write all the words before I die of boredom. Even though, bearing in mind that baby Nicky is coming with, I doubt boredom will be in rich supply.

Is there a point to this? WHY, YES. If you need me for any reason at all after late tomorrow night, YOU'D BETTER GET ON IT NOW. In the immortal words of Goose's wife Carole, [...] Take me to bed or lose me forever! (Yes, Top Gun was on last night. The homoerotic subtext is SO MUCH MORE BLATANT at (almost) 30 than it was at 17 when I last watched it. What an innocent I was...)

Also, Happy Birthday, Scotty and Alex!! OH MY BOYS, I <3 YOU SO MUCH.

OH OH AND ALSO. Because I get easily distracted when bored. Some of last night was also spent working with [ profile] delicatale on this fantastic idea she god, namely, ANGELS WITH MACHINE GUNS. ONE OF WHICH IS STEVE MCGARRETT. Go check the awesomeness out, it is here!! A Certain Someone on my flist should be sprinting over, you know who you are, babe. XP

If there was one thing I wish I could be good at, it's drawing. Then I would be able to leave you with the visual for this scene that has been in my head all day. As it is, I shall have to rely on words altogether. So here it is, a few scenes from a story I shall probably never write in full, or inflict on the world anywhere else.

Scene: serious writer Erik working on his next novel. Every night Erik hands his amanuensis/beta reader/hopeless crush Charles the finished scenes from the night before. )
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So my brain is being particularly bizarre today. A cracky Steve/Danny not!fic. Yeah, I don't know either ) I HAVE NO DEFENCE ABOUT THIS WHATSOEVER. >.>;;

In other news, there is now a sequel to Darling buds of may, posted at [ profile] ae_match! I will post it here in good time, but for now, the link is here: Tongues in trees.

Still doing re-reads for the Big Bang, but mostly I am reading Charles/Erik fanfic. LOOK, I KNOW IT'S BAD, but there are just all those incredible AUs (alternative endings) out there, and they are so deliciously sweet and achy and fluffy, I cannot resist!

Pimpage: On kittens and teacups and love, by [ profile] renrenren3, which is ALL KINDS OF DELIGHTFUL. Author's summary: Modern AU in which Charles and Erik are flatmates. Charles studies psychology and likes tea and chess and keeps bringing home stray kittens, and Erik lets him because he's maybe perhaps a little bit sort of in love with him.

SO LOVELY. I am also loving the hell of a few WIPs, but I think I shall wait until they're finished and re-posted before I pimp them out -- unless people want them, in which case poke me in the comments! :D

Anyway. Am now making progress with the petshop owner!Arthur AU, and [ profile] red_rahl has doodled some RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME chibis for me, including Arthur with tiny turtle! <33333333333333

Okay, food and then back to the editing. /sigh/
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