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Title: I've got you under my skin
Artist: [ profile] ashei
Author: [ profile] sirona_gs
Link to Art: At Ashei's LJ and Tumblr
Link to Fanmix: Yep, I put one of those together, too, because I can't write without music. Can be found here in this post.
Pairing: Steve/Tony, hints of Bucky/Peggy
Rating: R
Warnings: discussion of bullying, mentions of homophobia, strong language, ALL THE TONY FEELS IN THE WORLD.
Word count: ~39,000
Summary: Five times Beijing 2008 Olympics Gold Medalist Tony Stark thinks it's going to be no more difficult a job to get ready for London 2012 than what he has just achieved. That was, of course, before Coach Fury came to visit, and offered him a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a part of something much bigger than himself. Swimming AU.
Disclaimer: I don't own them. If you recognise any lines in this fic, they're not mine, either -- I have borrowed some from a couple of TV shows and movies. Also, I know nothing about competitive swimming. Every instance of getting something right is entirely due to [ profile] authocracy, who has been the most amazing help throughout, and without whom I would have scrapped this fic altogether. Every mistake you spot is mine and mine alone.
Notes: Written for [community profile] c_im_bigbang's RBB challenge. This fic would certainly not exist without the amazing support of a huge number of people. [ profile] laria_gwyn, who betaed this mindblowingly fast, with her usual spot-on eye for detail and unfailing support, who talked me off ledges and held my hand throughout. [ profile] authocracy, for swamping me with swimming information until I was rolling gleefully around the 10,000 words of research that zie put together for me, wondering just which juicy tidbits to include. [ profile] someidiothasice for letting me CAPSLOCK at her in the middle of the night and listening and offering excellent suggestions that kept me sane. For all my people on Twitter, who listened to me yammer on and on about this bloody fic that took over my life, and not only didn't tell me to shut up once, they also threw all kinds of inspiration at me in the hopes it'll help. This one's for all of you, you amazing, perfect human beings. ♥
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