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It's been a strange old place in my head these past few weeks. Plot bunnies are breeding like... well, bunnies, but I can't seem to settle down to writing any one of them. It's incredibly, hellishly frustrating.

So. [ profile] 17pansies and I decided that, in honour of moving into my new flat, I should declare this week WRITE ALL THE SHIT WEEK, with a side helping of MIND IN THE GUTTER WEEK.

What that entails: basically, giving yourself a break. Newsflash: Fandom is supposed to be FUN!! (Shocking, I know. Sometimes I forget that one, too. /0\) We do this shit because we LOVE it. We love writing, mixing, arting, podficcing, vidding. So take a project, any project; it doesn't have to be big and important; it doesn't have to be 5763895642389 words long. It just has to be FUN. Write something. Anything. Can be silly PWP or delicious angst/romance or just a slice of life, a situation that catches your eye. This ties in with the High School AU challenge from last month, too. :)

The purpose of this week (which will run until Sunday next week (24th June, incl.)) is to get you to write again. Kick-start your muse. Use it to finish a project you've been working for a while; use it to get all the writing/bunny-related frustration out of your system; use it to start that one project you've been meaning to for a while. No pressure, just the mindset that this coming week, you are going to WRITE, GODDAMN IT, AND NOTHING AND NO ONE CAN TELL YOU NOT TO, BECAUSE YOU DESERVE TO LET OFF SOME STEAM, TAKE TIME TO YOURSELF AND LET THE WORDS COME. This week is an amnesty for any and all projects. Pick one. Pick a dozen. Go back to that bingo square you signed up for ages ago. I know I'm totally guilty of letting all the plot bunnies bury me alive, unable to pick one and just write it till it's done. /0\ (Usually my muse decides for me, picks one and rides me hard until it's done, even as I curse him under my breath. He's been a bit quiet of late, though. WELL, I'M ABOUT TO WELL AND TRULY WAKE HIM UP. >:D)

So my goal for this week is to a) finish something I started SO LONG AGO IT'S ALMOST EMBARRASSING TO ADMIT TO, and b) pick a bunny and write it. Pick your own goal; set yourself a challenge. THEN GET PRODUCING ALL THE DELICIOUSNESS EVER. <33333

Feel free to band out ideas in this post; talk to each other, chat, bounce thoughts, basically ENJOY THE FUCK OUT OF YOURSELVES. FANDOM IS FUN. It's CHOCK-FULL of amazing people who think outside the box and delight in helping other like-minded people. Let's make it a week of celebrating all that we love about this amazing thing we've got going. Like I mentioned, I'm moving into my new flat later today, and basically I can't think of anyone I would rather rock the joint with for a housewarming party than you lot, every single one of you. AND SINCE I CAN'T SHIP YOU ALL OVER, HOUSEWARMING PARTY ON MY JOURNAL!! \0/ THE BAR IS OPEN, PICK YOUR POISON. ♥♥♥
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I read this fascinating article today (seriously mind-blowing, I heartily recommed you give it a go) -- and now I would like to talk about it. :)

Okay so I have maybe been having A LOT OF THOUGHTS since I read this. Isn't it fascinating what the brain perceives as 'real'? This is The Matrix all over again -- what is real? Is it real just because you can smell and touch it? Or is it just as real when it's only our brains that perceive it? After all, what is 'real' if not impulses that the brain interprets? So who's to say that by reading, and writing as we do; and by having deep, meaningful relationships online with people we have never met, that they aren't real? That we aren't just as loved by them as by people we have seen, smelled, touched? God, I could read 48754974 words on the subject. This ties in neatly with the AI thoughts I've been having of recent -- sometimes I wish I'd had the foresight to go into neuroscience while I was at uni, because I could talk about this shit FOREVER.

Gives a whole new meaning to 'lost in a good book', not to mention living vicariously through so-called 'fictional characters' -- because aren't we, all of us, fictional characters to other people? I mean, really? Certainly we are to sociopaths, but why is it easier to insult or bully someone online, for example, as it is to do it to someone IRL, even though that person online is just as real as the person sitting next to you on the train, only they're sitting a continent away from you?

I have, for the past five years, lived my life through fictional characters so much more than in reality. And anyway, who the fuck are people to tell me that to me, this isn't just as real as their spouses they come home to every night? Who's to say that I haven't been in a relationship for the past eight-odd years, when I am in one every night when I open up a book, or my 'to-read' list of fic bookmarks? It's really all a question of perception, and how we choose to interpret our own experiences. Who's to say that this isn't my real life, rather than a state of fugue while I wait for it to begin?

...Wow, I appear to have A LOT OF THOUGHTS on the subject. But it's just so utterly fascinating to me. Descartes ftw! :) By all means, if you find this as fascinating as I do, come talk to me! :)

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AAHA;HG;FJGH;DKFG POSTING THIS NOW WHILE LJ IS STILL WORKING. I have so many comments to answer, I am trufax panicking it's going to cut off again! D:

ANYWAY. I know I promised to have this done for you when you woke up, darling, but -- those pesky DDOS-perpetrators, NO LOVE, YOU GUYS.

Cut for zolac_no_miko-love-related rambling and story prompt )

So without further ado, Happy belated Birthday, [ profile] zolac_no_miko! Thank you for being so patient while I faffed and re-wrote and panicked! ♥♥♥ Only six days late, too! /facepalm

Hold my breath against the snow
Hawaii Five-0
~3,450 words

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The more I watch, the more horrified I get. This really puts life in perspective for me, as I guess it does for oh so many people out there.

I've made an offering of fic or beta job over at [ profile] help_japan. Minimum of 2000 words for fic, beta of fic of any length; one fic/beta job per person for the three highest bidders. I don't know if anyone's going to want to bid on me, but at least I feel like I'm doing my bit.

I'm starting work on my dissertation tomorrow, for real this time. I have no idea if I'll even be able to write that fic I have due this Saturday; I'll do my best, though. I just feel so unsettled right now; I wonder if it'll end up bursting out of me in millions of words of fic, or if it's going to fizzle out for a while. I'm thinking the former, frankly. I always work better under pressure.

In other news, drove for five and a half hours today to see my gran. I can barely keep my eyes open, but I can't look away from CNN. What about those nuclear power stations, eh? I can't even.
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I have the hugest obsession with John Keats' poetry. I studied it in Sixth form, and I delight in his art; he speaks to something inside me with every syllable he penned. He is my favourite English poet, hands down. I tend to recite 'To Autumn' to myself only about a thousand times every September and October.


I will happily fade away to this sound, forever, until the end of things. Do yourself a favour, listen to this. I cannot tell you the joy I feel, just listening to him shape those words, the delight that fills me with every sound; it's almost erotic. Scratch that -- it's better than sex; it's intellectual and aural stimulation the likes of which I have never encountered before to quite this extent. It's been a long, long time since I've felt this content to simply be.

Darkling I listen; and, for many a time
I have been half in love with easeful Death

*phrase coined by the fantabulous Caitlin Moran in The Times. Let me know if you want to read the source article, I can link you to it! :)
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Well, exams are OVER, and I only have my dissertation to write before I'm done with this course. I'd like to say I'm excited, ecstatic, and/or a bunch of other words starting with 'e', but the truth is I'm more relieved than anything else.

Time to finally focus on ALL THE FICS I owe to various people and fests! I can only hope to entice my muse to behave! I've plenty of 24hr shifts coming up, so's I can get my head down and write during the slow periods -- well, the job should have some perks, right?

I had loads of stuff to say, and rave excitedly about (last night's H50 episode, anyone? SO. MUCH. LOVE. to contain in one post) but I seem to have mislaid my squee. Damnit! DX<

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Stupid sodding LJ ate my entire first attempt at this comment. But I shall not be thwarted! I shall persevere to bring you awesome recs! Mwahahaha!!

Ahem. The whole point of this post is to draw your attention to two massively awesome fics I've found in the last 24 hours. The first one (or should I say second, time-scale-wise?) hit me between the eyes this morning and left me reeling; it's about the overturning of DADT and its effect on Arthur and Eames. And it's less than 500 words long, which is a huge, incredible achievement, because it packs one hell of a punch in so few words.

Most of you will know that I am physically incapable of writing short stuff (hmm, something to practice, I think, after exams are over), and I'm always in awe of writers who can do something like this -- paint such vivid scenes, create a history, a life for the characters with the bare minimum amount of words. It is truly a gorgeous piece; even if you don't ship Arthur/Eames, check it out just to see a master wordsmith at work. It literally moved me to tears, it's so exquisitely done. Out of many we are one by [ profile] la_victorienne -- I can't recommend it enough. It was an emotional moment for a lot of people when it happened last year, and [ profile] la_victorienne deals with it beautifully, with so much compassion and love. It's left me speechless and worshiping at her feet.

The other story I want to bring into your lives is Unethically Obtained by [ profile] what_alchemy. This is a strange one, because I'M NOT EVEN IN THIS FANDOM, and it's still so damn awesomesauce that I can't NOT rec it; besides, I don't think there's a single person on LJ who doesn't know who these two are. It's Kirk/Spock (Star Trek Reboot 2009), and it all starts with an unethically obtained pair of Kirk's underpants.

The characterisation is brilliant (I LOLd so hard at Spock's speech patterns), it's seriously hilarious, and it still manages to make your heart twist and swell in equal measures. Not to mention some SERIOUSLY OFF-THE-SCALE SCORCHING HOT SMUT, JESUS. I'd saved this on my Read It Later list ages ago; I don't even remember where I got the reference from; last night I at last knuckled down and ripped through the 50-odd pages of bookmarks I've accumulated over the past year and cleaned it out (it's down to 33 pages now. Crown me Queen of Procrastination and have done with it). I'd saved it to read because it promised a lot of fun and a good story -- and boy, does it deliver. You guys, GO READ THIS. Guaranteed to make you grin like a loon. /stamp of approval

Okay, back to cramming. I was hoping to be able to post one of the finished stories tonight, but I'm so knackered already that I've no idea if I'll manage.

Just one more thing before I go -- I hear there's some pretty nasty flooding down in Oz; I've seen some of my flisters post to say they're okay, but I haven't heard from [ profile] aurrai. I hope you're okay, bb! Drop me a note to let me know, if you can! /crosses fingers
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Soooo. Since it's the end of the year and all, it's a time for taking stock of what's been happening in the last twelve months.

2010 has been EVIL. Not just for me, but for a lot of people I know. It's been a year of being stuck in a rut, going nowhere. Thankfully, 2011 is rumoured to be a year of transit, so things should finally be HAPPENING. I'm rather looking forward to it, if I'm honest.

But that's not what has be gaping. I've just done a tally of all the fics I've written this year (as you do), and the total word count of finished and posted stories is 185,000 words, and spans 17 fics, god only knows how many drabbles, and four fandoms. I SHIT YOU NOT. And there's another 10,200 words from stories in various stages of completion.


I had NO IDEA I could be so prolific! Every last one of those words has been scrutinised to within an inch of its life, lovingly edited and juggled so it fits just right. For every one word staying, there's probably five that have been deleted as being inconsequential. For every story posted, there's been a trusty, invaluable beta somewhere in the sidelines, helping me grow and change and not fall flat on my face.

I had no idea when I started off last January that Inception and Sherlock would bowl me over so completely, or that I would branch out of my safe zone and join in with such enthusiasm. Moreover, for every word I've written, I've read at least a hundred (if not a thousand) in the aforementioned fandoms, and each new story reached a part of me that I never knew I had. I can't help but think of that quote; "They say life's the thing, but I prefer reading." I can't help but think of all the myriad lives I've lead in the past year, all thanks to so very many well-crafted fics. The talent of people out there continues to astound me, uplift me, and give me hope for the future of humanity.

Who knows what might happen in the next year? Will a new fandom wallop me over the head and drag me lovingly to its cave? Will I return to my first loves, Harry/Draco and Naruto/Sasuke? Can I possibly grow as a writer in such huge leaps and bounds as I have done this year?

One thing's for sure. I'm going to enjoy the hell out of it, and I'll continue pushing myself above and beyond my comfort zones, in the hopes that when I jump off the ledge, I won't plunge -- I'll soar.

Here's to the next twelve months! \0/
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I heard of the brick vs. blanket Divergence test for the first time today. It's meant to be an intelligence test, only instead of converging on one right answer out of, say, ten, as you do in a Convergence test, you have to think of as many ways to use a brick and a blanket (separately) as you can in ten minutes. It not only measures intelligence; much more importantly, it measures creativity.

Now, I have always been not the best performer on IQ tests. I am absolutely crap at maths, and while I am interested in and enjoy reading about theoretical physics, actual physics is haaaard. I was rather good at Chemistry in school, but never absolutely brilliant in it or anything, even though I did do an A-level in it. So, while I consider myself fairly smart, I have never been at 'genius' level, or anywhere near it.

Malcolm Gladwell, who is one of my personal heroes, begs to differ. I have been reading 'Outliers' in my spare few minutes here and there, when I'm not writing That Story that has taken over my life of late. He argues that creativity and imagination are, much more than IQ after a certain level (say 120), the deciding factors to watch to see whether someone is likely to make a success of their life and career. A lot of certified geniuses go through their lives working in jobs that could simply be considered 'good'. Whereas people with a lower IQ, but plenty of said creativity and imagination, go on to become Nobel prize laureates. (Sorry, Arthur, darling.)

Anyway, back on-topic -- I totally pwned the brick-and-blanket test. I allocated myself ten minutes, and in that time I came up with well over ten uses for each. So! I think I've worked out the part that makes me a good writer. I have imagination, and I'm creative! Well, I already knew this, but now I have evidence.

Try it, flisters! I reckon that the satisfaction that doing well on this gave me is going to last for quite some time. /preens
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Because, apparently, I'm incapable of leaving a meme alone, and because I love music lyrics--they are my primary motivator for learning a language.

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