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Boosting the signal--

Exceptionally interesting essay on History and Historiography here: there are many names in history, and all of them are ours by [ profile] postcardmystery. I literally could not look away once I started reading it, and not just because it elaborates on topics that have long been my personal belief. If you're into history, this is fascinating stuff.

All right. Now I'm off writing X-Pride II. I have started sending pieces out to the two people who (long ago) volunteered to be my second set of eyes, and initial reactions have been... promising. :D

Failing that, the singer!Clint/baker!Phil thing has also been going rather well. :D WORDS ARE WORKING. \0/ \0/ We'll see how long that one's gonna last. I've still got White Collar and a bunch of the Oscar nominees to watch. Procrastination, I HAZ IT.
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