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Name:sirona's fics
Birthdate:Aug 30
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This used to be a journal about ramblings, but then fanfiction happened... I am addicted to slash, it's pretty much everything I read online these days. I also write it quite a bit. Happy boys in love = OTP.

Hey, guys. My name is Neve, I enjoy skulking around bookshops and haunting coffee shops armed with a fuckload of ideas, a pad and a pen -- and more recently, my mini laptop (apparently I can't write long-hand anymore). I love films, too -- the cinema is also one of my stalking grounds.

Friending me is completely fine. Fic on my journal isn't friends-locked, which is unlikely to change in the forseeable future, although personal entries are often locked. Just drop me a note and tell me who you are if you do friend me, though; I won't automatically friend you back if I don't know you, sorry! I'm a bit paranoid like that.

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