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Post-coffee shop AU and Avengers RBB, I find myself at a bit of a loose end as to what to focus on writing next. Hence, my first post in like 6 MONTHS OR SOMETHING WHAT. /0\ Must admit, have found it easier to just stick to twitter recently, what with all the writing. Really gonna update that masterlist after I post this. >.>

So. Anyway. Time to get a vote in, because apparently nothing is screaming loud enough to get written right now. Thus, a poll! Help me out, guys! <3

A Poll!
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I have literally woken up about an hour and a half ago. Back on antibiotics, and my body hates me. Regular sleeping schedule, I miss you so... :(((

Yesterday I got really fucking aggravated by a comment I read in the journal of one of my flisters, with regards to the recent LJ changes. Feel free to skip, it's just me blowing off steam, I suspect. )

Anyway. Onto more better things. I am about to spam you with links to fun things! :D Like I spammed [ profile] zolac_no_miko last night at 3am... WHAT CAN I SAY, WHEN I DON'T SLEEP, I DON'T SLEEP LIKE A BOSS. I hadn't been on my favourite site (because yes, I am a geek, and guess what -- so are these people, proudly so, and they do everything they can to spread the joy! HOW NOT TO LOVE THEM FOR IT) for far too long, and last night when I was posting JEREMY RENNER AND GEMMA ARTERTON IN LEATHER, I went to take a look. AND OH MY GODDDDD ALLLLL THE SHINY!! *________* And because I love you all, I thought I'd share! AREN'T YOU HAPPY YOU'RE ON MY FLIST? :D :D

Let's start with something I know a lot of you are well excited about: The Hobbit Trailer Breakdown and The Batman Trailer Breakdown. These all go into awesome details, sort of paring out clues from what we're being shown, and they make for some pretty fab reading! :)

Then there are these Movie Recipes, including Francis Ford Coppola's spaghetti sauce from The Godfather that I'm making for my dad, because he's such a huge fan, Julia Child's Boeuf Bourginon, and a recipe for beignets that I am itching to try out.

Then there is Robert Downey Jr: A Viewer's Guide that is all kinds of shiny, and I need to re-watch half the films on it. And with that, we move into Avengers territory! IS ANYONE SURPRISED, I ASK YOU. Okay, this feature BLEW. MY. MIND. Because you're talking to a seriously die-hard Whedon fan, HE IS MY ABSOLUTE HERO, and look, this is why I love Empire so much. Because they get me. Us. They get their fans. They know we're all geeks and nerds to a certain degree, and they know about Joss Whedon, they get what he is. And so they have given us this: How do The Avengers fit into the Whedonverse?, which is THE BEST THING EVER, and drew from me all kinds of embarrassing squeaky noises of delight (not a huge surprise, as it's written by Helen O'Hara, whom I adore -- she is this incredibly awesome film journalist who also has a Law degree and appears to have the same taste in movies and TV shows as me, and just, she is my internet girlfriend. *_______*). WAIT TILL YOU GET TO THOR. In fact, they are all awesomesauce in one way or another. <3<3<3

And last, to cap off this edition of The Shiny, have some eye candy. I am sad that there is no Phil BAMF Coulson, or Pepper shots, but oh well, I'll take what I can get.

But for me, the real winner of the piece is Helen's (yep, her again <3 Just one more reason I am helplessly infatuated with her) poll that goes with the banners, which I shall recreate here for the benefit of humanity (the Fury thing made me snort tea, trufax. As did the Thor thing :D):

[Poll #1805098]

And now to finish my [ profile] secret_mutant story and the last read-over of cop!Erik AU. I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M GETTING SO CLOSE TO POSTING IT. It hardly seems real. :')
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So VH1 is playing Bon Jovi's Please Come Home For Christmas, and I'm struck all over again by how fucking hot the young Jon Bon Jovi is. I say again, because I used to have the worst crush on him as a teenager, seriously, I used to have all his/their albums, knew (still do, in fact) all the lyrics, god, I was obsessed. It's one of the reasons I love Danny so much -- in their very first music cargument with Steve Jonathan Bon Jovi was the first thing Danny said.

So of course this got me to thinking. And you just know younger Danny crushed on JBJ so hard, I mean, the man was nnnnnngh fit as fuck (still is, but let's focus on the young JBJ right now), and I am certain Danny went to see him live and was all jafjghjghflgsjhg WOW and starry-eyed and uncomfortable in the pants deaprtment and all that, as it should be. I mean. That mouth, JFC.

And now I want Steve finding out about that somehow -- maybe he sees Danny perving over a video of that someone's playing as a Christmas-spirit kind of thing, and Danny's all *______* nnnngh. And then Steve rips the piss out of him.

And while we're at it, I got a couple candy canes the other day, and fuck, I'd forgotten what eating one entailed, AND NOW I WANT DANNY CATCHING STEVE EATING ONE AND ALMOST PASSING OUT AS ALL THE BLOOD FROM HIS HEAD HEADS SOUTH.

Basically the closer we get to Christmas, THE MOAR I WANT ALL THE CHRISTMAS CLICHES. Should we maybe have a H50 Christmas Trope fest? What do you guys think? It would make me pretty darn happy, I won't lie. :D :D :D

Thus, a poll! )

In other news, [ profile] andrealyn seems to have infected me with her Steve/Danny You've Got Mail idea AND NOW I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT GAH. It would be epistolary-type, made up of emails and text messages and it would be Steve/Danny and ensamble. AND I SHOULD STOP THINKING ABOUT IT BECAUSE I STILL HAVE TO WRITE THE FAKE HUSBANDS AU. /0\
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Meeting went excellent, with a follow-up on Thursday. Then had to go into City Hall, and I had a pleasant few minutes reminiscing. See, I used to be in the city choir when I was a kid. God, I love singing, I love the technical aspects, and I loved being a part of a group of people who Got It, too. Anyway, where am I going with this? About 18-odd years ago we had this concert in City Hall, it was just before Christmas, and we got invited to stay to the party afterwards. So envision me, 12 years old, eyes as wide as saucers looking around all the spendour (or what passed for splendour back then), all the lights, the dresses, the men in suits (I think that's when my love of suit!porn goes back to), my god, it was amazing. I stayed far too late, and of course was in trouble with my parents, who were starting to freak out a bit by the time I got home, but it was brilliant. It's a throw-back to my love of 80s and 90s romances, the Judith Krantz and Judith McNaught books that I adored, oh my god, I'll Take Manhattan was my favourite book for years. So today I passed that same hall and it all came back. It was kind of nice, remembering that feeling.

In other news, I deleted my Google+ profile. Basically I got linked to this article by a couple people on my flist, and I pretty much freaked out a bit, because if Google decides to delete all my stuff, I lose EVERYTHING, and I have so much crap in my Gmail and Gdocs that I broke out in a cold sweat just at the thought of losing it. So no more Google+ for me. I hate Facebook as it is, and I don't need another one. It would have been nice to have a fannish account like that, but obviously Google isn't having it. Bad move there, Google. You were actually my favourite for a while there.

I'm gonna be away at the end of the week, Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning. I had meant to take the whole week off, but then one of my colleagues got really sick and I had to take her shifts as well, so. No break for me. :/ Ah well. I might go off for a few days at the end of August, around my birthday. We're planning to go to Greece, to this small family hotel -- if they ever answer my damned emails, that is. :/ I might just call them, except I don't speak Greek and not all that many Greeks actually speak English. We'll see how it goes, I guess.

My big bang is DONE. This includes edits and beta and corrections and soundtrack and EVERYTHING. Just waiting on my artist now -- and I already have this idea for a coda of sorts. Should I write it and post it with the BB, or wait till later? I'm undecided. And I have this AU idea about Charles/Erik -- actually make that two AU ideas. One is based on The Wedding Planner, and the other on this interview of Zack Stentz, who took part in writing the XMFC scrips, which basically makes Charles/Erik canon. IDEK. Too many ideas, too little time. Still writing the Steve/Danny daycare thing with Ellie, WHICH I LOVE MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY and I will actually make an effort to participate in today.

While we're on the subject of writing, I've been thinking about writing some codas to my Inception fics. So, Inception flist, here's a poll for you!

[Poll #1764807]

Also saw this AMAZING new layout in [ profile] mintyapple that I totally ADORE. I'm very tempted to switch to it, I've had mine for almost six months now and while I TOTALLY LOVE IT, this is so preeeeetty... Although I've been having problems with LJ all day yesterday, and some today, too. Is anyone else having issues?

Okay, I think I'm done for now. There will be a fic-related post later today, if LJ lets me post it!
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Another poll! This time to decide what me and [ profile] delicatale should write next, the HP fusion or the Fast and Furious-inspired double agents spy fic! We're... er. Likely to write both, of course, knowing us. >.>;; But just think about it! Steve the Gryffindor DADA professor who is also an undercover Auror! Danny the head of Hufflepuff house! And Danny the FBI agent and Steve the racer! AMAZEBALLS EVERYWHERE!! Hou could we possibly pass on either of that??

In other news, next part of Hand in hand is posted! Part Three! And just in time for Inception Fandom's birthday, too! \0/ I can't believe it's been a whole year already, and what a year it's been! :D All these amazing people I've met, I am just the luckiest girl! I ♥ you all so much!

Slept for twelve and a half hours last night, and now my brain wants to do ALLLL THE THINGS. It's still hideously hot over here; I am swimming in my own sauce. D: Baby Nicky is stark naked but for a nappy, sprawled on the couch, playing with a stuffed dog. HE IS THE MOST ADORABLEST. *_____*

We are very likely to finish the Bakery AU today, aided and abetted by [ profile] imaginarycircus's coffee, of which there's still about half a pack! \0/

What else, what else... Almost done with my mixtape exchange! :D I am making a mix of songs, half of which Charles plays for tiny bb mutants that should not fight at all, and the other half of which Erik plays for growing mutant soldiers, why can't you see that, Charles? It was all my brain was good for yesterday. D: It is such a great idea, though!

I am... thinking about my next fic. I'm gonna watch The Lake House in the next couple days, and then consider which fic to start first, that one or the fake marriage one. I guess I'll wait and see which one whacks me over the head first.

I leave you with this: Alex and Scotty being boyfriends )

EDIT: Bakery AU. Done at 43,341. TELL ME THIS ISN'T FATE AT WORK.
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