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This entry is brought to you by the eternal question of WHY ARE PEOPLE SUCH IDIOTS AND WITHOUT THE COMMON SENSE OF A GNAT. In other words, am having a horrible day at work. Could be that my idiot-tollerance levels have shrunk after the past couple of days, but I'm having a harder time of smiling through gritted teeth than usual. *sigh* All the entitlement bullshit is getting a bit much to swallow.


(Thank you, [ profile] sometimesalways for your contribution to my blood pressure level/ovaries.)

Anyway. Things have calmed down considerably on the home front, Dad's cheerfully puttering about on his crutches, already trying to go back to work despite everyone's strongly-voiced protests. *sigh* I'm thinking this is a case of the old 'doctors are the worst kind of patients', although [ profile] lanyon thinks it's more of a 'dads' thing. :) Either one is true in this case. :)))

Thank you again for all your support. You have all been amazing, each and every one of you, every message, every email, every dragon; thinking of you has kept me going. <333 YOU ARE ALL MARVELLOUS. :')))))

Also working? Thoughts of puppy!Clint being all smitten. But that's a given at this stage of obsession. >.>;;

RIGHT. Since writing is going to have to wait until I'm less pissed/able to focus more, LET'S HAVE A MEME.

Aaaaages ago (two weeks internet time, Jesus) [ profile] paper_tzipporah gave me seven words to talk about. Rules:

Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

If you want to do it, too, let me know, will ya? <333

bondage, wishin' (and hopin' and thinkin' and dreamin'?), cake, tea, PUPPIES VS. KITTENS, elbows, must it be bunnies? )

Fuck. :(

Feb. 7th, 2012 05:18 pm
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Well, my plan for writing today got totally fucked, several times over. First, there's seven inches of snow outside that have fallen since last night, and it's still coming down like nobody's business. Second, even after I got to my coffeeshop in this weather, I found out that my mum never charged up my laptop after using it the night before, and it was completely dead. Third, turns out that my coffeeshop is no longer the coffeeshop I loved -- they've gone and sold it to another chain, and it was completely different, which threw me out for a loop. All in all, THE UNIVERSE CLEARLY DID NOT WANT ME TO WRITE FILTHY D/S PORN. I AM DISTRAUGHT. :((((((((

Right. Fuck it, I'll write at home. I'm gonna stick my headphones on and drown out the world and just immerse myself in Clint and Phil. People have been incredibly accommodating and excited about this, and now I have about five different things that I intend to stuff into this fic -- so it's going to end up a group effort that I just compile, BUT THAT IS OKAY. I CAN ROLL WITH THAT, NO PROBLEM.

Okay. All right. Fuck you, world. THIS SHIT IS HAPPENING, I DON'T EVEN CARE. I've even got the perfect song to get me in the mood for writing smut -- it worked fantastically well the last couple times! :D I think it's going to be my porn song from now on, HO YUS.

...The fact that I have a porn song kind of makes me ridiculously giddy and gleeful and happy. XDDD

BTW, while we're on the subject of Clint/Phil (which, let's be honest, seems to be all the time right now), everyone should go and read Something Quiet and Minor and Peaceful and Slow by [ profile] torakowalski, because it is slow and delicious and so perfectly in character that I wanted to weep with joy. My face ached by the end from smiling so hard. ALSO DID I MENTION IT'S HOT AS ALL GET-OUT? BECAUSE IT IS.

...In other news I woke up this morning to an email from [ profile] foxxcub that contained the first porn scene from her College!Clint/Phil fic. AND GUYS, I THINK SHE BROKE ME. I gotta tell you, I am not exaggerating when I say that it's, without a doubt, one of the hottest, most affecting making-out and first-time scenes that I HAVE EVER READ. IDK if it was the mood I was in, or the fact that I actually know the backstory of this, and I have been talking to her about it for over two weeks, and I'm REALLY FUCKING INVESTED IN THIS STORY, but FUCK ME, THAT WAS SO HOT. JUST YOU WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE IT.

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I am having A BAD DAY. A fucked-up, BAD day. The kind of day that you need a list of things that keep you going. >X/ Here's mine.

1. THIS THREAD. Literally the only thing that has kept me going, up until a few minutes ago. *sobs on [personal profile] somehowunbroken's shoulder*

2. David Gilmour, a.k.a. That Guy from Pink Floyd, and his album, On An Island. If you have ever liked Pink Floyd's slower, chilled, guitar-led music (a la Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb), I cannot recommed this album enough.

3. A nice hot cup of tea. FINALLY. IT'S ONLY TAKEN ME 10 HOURS TO GET ONE.

4. Decent, cheerful patients. Very, very rare breed of animal, but, just, thanks, guys. You probably have no idea how much a smile and a 'thank you' and a kind, understanding tone of voice means to this harried, up-to-her-neck-in-paperwork admin.

5. You guys, for all the wonderfully distracting emails. <33333

5. JEREMY RENNER'S FACE. Okay, let's face it, it was going to be up there. Thank you, [ profile] laria_gwyn, for reminding me of the hitherto untapped healing powers of THAT FACE.




Jan. 17th, 2012 05:30 pm
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Still feeling rather weary of spirit. Ugh, stupid hormones. :((( Doesn't help that half of what was supposed to be my day off was spent wrangling deliveries and filling in documents and mostly not resting at all. DX

On the plus side, bought myself a cute wee 4GB mp3 player, and have stuffed it full of fanmixes and podficks and the like! \0/ \0/ Now I can carry fandom's awesomeness everywhere with me!! <3333 Rather pleased with that purchase! :) It's been ages since I've had an mp3 player -- mostly used my phone for music and stuff, but it's crammed full of crap right now and I just don't have the energy to tackle it. This was really the perfect solution! :D And it's so easy to use! I'm impressed! :D

Words are still being an utter bitch and extremely uncooperative. Thank god for [ profile] foxxcub and the snippets she keeps sending me from her bb!Steve/bb!Tony verse, which, my endorphine levels spike every time I see a new email in my inbox. <333 Teenage bb boys in loooooove!! ♥________♥ She knows me so well. :')

Right, okay, time for tea and a blanket and watching something disgustingly fluffy. Yes. <3 Saw (finally) Jane Eyre the other day, and UGH, FASSY, MUST YOU BE SO FUCKING AWESOME IN EVERYTHING WHEN I HAVE TO WAIT FOR YOUR OTHER NEW STUFF TO COME OUT. :((( Failing that, a few episodes of White Collar S03 ought to do the trick. It's back on tonight!! \0/ \0/ Can hardly wait.

Oh, what the hell. Let's have a meme as well.

The Poetry Meme

If you see this in someone's journal, post one as well.
Saw a gorgeous poem in [ profile] somehowunbroken's journal the other day, and thought, hey, neat. So here is a poem that, despite not necessarily having anything to do with who I am, still had a profound effect on me the first time I read it.

How to make love to a trans person )


Jan. 16th, 2012 03:10 pm
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Feel like absolute shit today. Like 'run over by a truck' shit. And now I have to go into work for a couple hours. Periods suck. Like 99.9% of my flist should know what I'm talking about, right? :D

My flist skip was 280 this morning, after I gave myself a break from my laptop last night (I had only gotten to page three of Rivers of London before realising that I have fallen in love with that book), and then Sherlock 2.03 happened (I have 20 tabs with reactions and spoilers opened that I am not even going to touch until I have watched it). Which I have downloaded and just waiting to play. Considering the hormonal shitstorm happening inside me right now, I expect to be completely ripped apart as I watch it. So, fair warning. :)

In moar better news, while I was passed out sleeping for thirteen hours last night, [ profile] clintcoulson happened. I AM BESIDE MYSELF WTIH GLEE. \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/

And now, work. And afterwards, expect a reaction post because I will probably have so many feelings that I won't know what to do with myself. *sigh*
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God, I am SO FUCKING LIVID with LJ right now.

Look. I recognise that seriously I am not the only person in the world. And I've stuck with LJ through all the DDoS attacks that weren't their fault, all the changes that they felt they had to make to be a successful, profitable business. That's fine, way of the world.

But this? This is just fucking shit up for its own sake. I don't even care about the look of the new boxes. Fine, whatever. What I DO care about is that I have just had to reload a Reply window twelve times and counting in order to post a comment.

...No, it's still not working. Frankly, I have had enough. I don't, seriously, my journal is custom and when I changed the layout, I spend something like three days making sure everything was readable -- including the comment pages. That's fine. What isn't fine is LJ's total disregard of its customers. Newsflash, arseholes: if you change the service people paid for in the first place, in direct contradiction to their wishes expressed to you in their feedback, YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE YOUR CUSTOMER BASE. IT'S NOT FUCKING ROCKET SCIENCE. You don't need an MBA to know that.

Anyway. Yes. Furious, because I live my life mostly online right now, and they have just fucked up my main means of communication and interacting with people. You can be damn sure it's going to limit my commenting and talking to people when I have to reload a page THIRTY TIMES NOW without being able to post a comment.

So. sirona_fics Long story short, I have had this account for a while now, never used it because it felt like a betrayal somehow. When I'm a loyal customer to a brand that suits me and does the job I want it to do, I'm a loyal fucking customer. But now? Well, now LJ has betrayed my trust in it. If things haven't changed by the time my paid account here expires, I'll be over there, and crossposting here when I post. I fucking HATE having to do this. I HATE IT. But LJ has left me no choice. Sorry if this reads like a baseless rant to people, but I have a degree in Marketing Management. I know how services are supposed to work. LJ? Not so much with the good ideas. It offends me on a professional as well as a personal level. How am I supposed to talk to people when I can't comment on their entries?? What, PM them? Basically my entire fandom experience has just been completely ruined. THANKS, LJ.

ETA: OKAY OKAY CRISIS AVERTED. I have a custom S2 layout, so, miss clever over here just realised that if I use ?style=mine (which I don't like to do, BUT THE LESSER EVIL, RIGHT?) it works just like before!!!! OH MY GOD, THE RELIEF. I am totally going to hang in there until I see where this is going. *nodnod* Still importing my account to DW just in case, but -- OKAY, LJ. I'M WILLING TO GIVE YOU A SECOND CHANCE. DON'T FUCK IT UP AGAIN.
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Okay, so. I haven't done one of these for ages, BUT I am 10 mins into this new ep AND ALREADY I WANT TO MAKE A LIST OF \0/ THINGS TO SQUEE ABOUT. So here is a live reaction post to make up for my recent silence on that front! \0/

This is going to be heavily biased on the side of awesome, JSYK. I'm going to be focusing on that rather than the things that might piss people off about this ep, so if you wanna read this, do bear that in mind, please. It's been a rough few weeks for this fandom, so let's have some squee up in this place, eh? Let's remember why we LOVE this show, rather than what pisses us off about it. WHAT DO YOU SAY?

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And so I'm back. Only a little the worse for wear, if you don't count the ~30 mosquito bites all over my legs and arse. GAH, IT ITCHES. Five-odd hours in the car at approximately 34 C all the way. GO AWAY, SUMMER.

Anyway, so, knackered. Not to mention that I'm up for 3 12-hour shifts in the next three days, which, ARGH. At least it also means 36 hrs of writing time!! \0/ I AM EXCITE.

I owe comment and email responses, and Lyn, I haven't forgotten you, I promise. Tonight, though, nothing is shifting this damned headache, not even a full bag of Maltesers (which I overdosed on while in Greece since we don't have them here). On top of everything my period decided to make an appearance last night. TODAY IS BEST FORGOTTEN AND NEVER REFERRED TO AGAIN.

So, to make myself feel better, have some Arthur/Eames Darling Buds of May-verse fluff. Because I needed a cuddle, damn it, and so I'm cuddling the lot of you, whether you like it or not.

This is not a letter but my arms around you for a brief moment )
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Meeting went excellent, with a follow-up on Thursday. Then had to go into City Hall, and I had a pleasant few minutes reminiscing. See, I used to be in the city choir when I was a kid. God, I love singing, I love the technical aspects, and I loved being a part of a group of people who Got It, too. Anyway, where am I going with this? About 18-odd years ago we had this concert in City Hall, it was just before Christmas, and we got invited to stay to the party afterwards. So envision me, 12 years old, eyes as wide as saucers looking around all the spendour (or what passed for splendour back then), all the lights, the dresses, the men in suits (I think that's when my love of suit!porn goes back to), my god, it was amazing. I stayed far too late, and of course was in trouble with my parents, who were starting to freak out a bit by the time I got home, but it was brilliant. It's a throw-back to my love of 80s and 90s romances, the Judith Krantz and Judith McNaught books that I adored, oh my god, I'll Take Manhattan was my favourite book for years. So today I passed that same hall and it all came back. It was kind of nice, remembering that feeling.

In other news, I deleted my Google+ profile. Basically I got linked to this article by a couple people on my flist, and I pretty much freaked out a bit, because if Google decides to delete all my stuff, I lose EVERYTHING, and I have so much crap in my Gmail and Gdocs that I broke out in a cold sweat just at the thought of losing it. So no more Google+ for me. I hate Facebook as it is, and I don't need another one. It would have been nice to have a fannish account like that, but obviously Google isn't having it. Bad move there, Google. You were actually my favourite for a while there.

I'm gonna be away at the end of the week, Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning. I had meant to take the whole week off, but then one of my colleagues got really sick and I had to take her shifts as well, so. No break for me. :/ Ah well. I might go off for a few days at the end of August, around my birthday. We're planning to go to Greece, to this small family hotel -- if they ever answer my damned emails, that is. :/ I might just call them, except I don't speak Greek and not all that many Greeks actually speak English. We'll see how it goes, I guess.

My big bang is DONE. This includes edits and beta and corrections and soundtrack and EVERYTHING. Just waiting on my artist now -- and I already have this idea for a coda of sorts. Should I write it and post it with the BB, or wait till later? I'm undecided. And I have this AU idea about Charles/Erik -- actually make that two AU ideas. One is based on The Wedding Planner, and the other on this interview of Zack Stentz, who took part in writing the XMFC scrips, which basically makes Charles/Erik canon. IDEK. Too many ideas, too little time. Still writing the Steve/Danny daycare thing with Ellie, WHICH I LOVE MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY and I will actually make an effort to participate in today.

While we're on the subject of writing, I've been thinking about writing some codas to my Inception fics. So, Inception flist, here's a poll for you!

[Poll #1764807]

Also saw this AMAZING new layout in [ profile] mintyapple that I totally ADORE. I'm very tempted to switch to it, I've had mine for almost six months now and while I TOTALLY LOVE IT, this is so preeeeetty... Although I've been having problems with LJ all day yesterday, and some today, too. Is anyone else having issues?

Okay, I think I'm done for now. There will be a fic-related post later today, if LJ lets me post it!
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Watched what there is of Suits tonight. Totally loved it, although I'm not really shipping Harvey/Mike. Possibly because I like my ships to be on a more even footing, and in this let's be honest, most of the power is with Harvey. Having said that, LOVED. IT. And will be watching as much of it as I can get my hands on. Also watched eps 5 and 6 of White Collar finally. My god, the end of ep 5. PETER BURKE ILU SO MUCH. ♥♥♥

Not really feeling like reading stuff at the mo (too fucking hot) so I also watched The Lake House again yesterday. In a bizarre twist, I think the pairing I was least certain about might prove to be the most apt here: Steve/Danny is what I'm talking about. Because Danny can totally be Alex and Matty the brother, and Steve can be the doc with Jack. Perfect. Other fic plannage has also been happening -- more soon, I hope!

It's going to be 40C tomorrow. DDD: OH GOD. There's code Orange declared in my county. Thankfully there's also supposed to be proper storms tomorrow night, and it'll cool the air down a bit. I'll sleep like a baby tomorrow night, but tonight it's anyone's guess. I mostly sleep in my panties at the mo, no blanket, no sheet, no nothing -- too fucking hot, I'm not kidding. I HATE THE SUMMER SO MUCH. DX

Next stop -- Luther. FINALLY, after like a year of [ profile] zolac_no_miko telling me to 'watch it right now, goddamn it'. And other films/TV I feel like, for as long as this phase lasts. I've A Lot to catch up on.

For your time: Tom Hardy, what are you even. *_______* )
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So [ profile] kitsune_tsuki posted this pic:


In other news, spent most of yesterday squeeing over Inception fic and planning my next three tattoos. Before you go O____O WHAT, they're all snippets of text I want to get done. Long ramble about tattoos, under a cut because see re: long )

Actually, just found out I didn't end up getting that job I was talking about at the start of the week. Via text message. No, I'm not bitter, why do you ask? SO FUCK IT. I might just go get those text lines done this weekend. I'm so tired of this shit. /sigh/ I wish for once something would fucking go my way. I keep telling myself that if it hasn't happened, obviously it wasn't right for me, and I'm waiting for something else to come along (it's happened to me far too many times before to discount it as just random reassurance), but right now? I just want to punch someone in the face. :/

I was going to use my happy!Steve icon for this post, but see re: punching someone inna face. Possibly not the best news to get in the middle of a morning shift with not much sleep the previous night. Deep breaths, Neve.
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It's Boy Bands Vs. Girl Bands weekend! XDD Terrible 90s music! Cheesy pop! Steve would love it, the goof! XD I can only imagine Danny's face when he walks into Steve's house and finds this blaring on the TV! XDDD NO WAIT I TAKE IT ALL BACK THEY JUST PLAYED TEGAN & SARA, THIS IS ACTUALLY OKAY. Oh god, I don't actually have an excuse for listening to that kind of stuff, jfc. /facepalm

ANYWAY. Moving on. The porny porn that is porn went down well last night! SOMEBODY STOP ME. THIS COULD TURN OUT TO BE A THING. THERE ARE FAR TOO MANY SCENES OF THAT KIND IN MY HEAD AS IT IS. [ profile] zolac_no_miko tells me I should go with it. I am not convinced.

Other stuff! My awesome auction winners are AWESOME. Remember the plot bunnies? I get to write both of them, yay! XD And then [ profile] fred_bear lobbed me such a curveball, oh my god, I am BURSTING AT THE SEAMS to write this thing, it is starting to EAT MY MIND, holy crap. It keeps growing and growing. I'm really rather pleased with the initial scribbles in the notepad plot outline!

But first I should really write as much as I can of my dissertation before I have to hand it over to my supervisor on Monday, hell. Way to ruin my fun, RL. DX

Also, the [ profile] eames_arthur Exchange reveals are up! I can post my fic now! But maybe I'll do it later, when the initial rush has died down a bit.

Oooh, they're playing TLC. Lord, I miss those ladies! ♥____♥ OH OH SUGABABES!! Anyone noticed how the members of the band have ALL changed like five times by now? I miss the 'Overload' days, that was a hell of a tune.

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Saw my first episode of Hawaii Five-0 tonight, and -- yeah, okay, yes, I can see now what all the fuss is about. Aaaaand now I have to download all the episodes so far, which is a whole world of NOT GOOD since I have five weeks of exams coming up reeeeealy soon (like, next week soon). Ergo, this is a VERY BAD IDEA.

Doesn't look like that's going to stop me any. :/

I'm still stuck stuck stuck with my writing. I have three stories that are 2/3 done, and I can concentrate on finishing neither. On top of that I got my next Arthur/Eames exchange assignment (due 1st Feb), I have one A/E story planned out but not started, and [ profile] bugeyedmonster gave me one hell of a Sherlock plot bunny yesterday.

This is me, running around in a panic, frantically waving my arms around in desperation for any kind of muse interference. He's being an utter arse, and not in a nice way, either. He's pretty much hanging out of a window smoking his way through an entire pack of fags, shoving two fingers up at me with a sneer when I try to talk to him (he's starting to look more and more like Sherlock these days, complete with grumpy sulk). BUT IN MY HEAD. /0\

Scatterbrain = me today (and I thought I'd finally get the chance to write now that the hols are over). Doesn't help that I spent pretty much the entire day re-reading the twelve chapters of Jesse's Jack Saturday Can't Fail written so far (and flailing no end in excitement over Jack's backstory that Jesse just posted). WHY BRAIN WHY.

ANYWAY. Spent 45 minutes peeling Brussel sprouts and chestnuts tonight, in the process cutting my thumb under my fingernail. My fingers hurt. My brain hurts. It's been a shitty day all round. :/
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