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Post-coffee shop AU and Avengers RBB, I find myself at a bit of a loose end as to what to focus on writing next. Hence, my first post in like 6 MONTHS OR SOMETHING WHAT. /0\ Must admit, have found it easier to just stick to twitter recently, what with all the writing. Really gonna update that masterlist after I post this. >.>

So. Anyway. Time to get a vote in, because apparently nothing is screaming loud enough to get written right now. Thus, a poll! Help me out, guys! <3

A Poll!
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It's been a strange old place in my head these past few weeks. Plot bunnies are breeding like... well, bunnies, but I can't seem to settle down to writing any one of them. It's incredibly, hellishly frustrating.

So. [ profile] 17pansies and I decided that, in honour of moving into my new flat, I should declare this week WRITE ALL THE SHIT WEEK, with a side helping of MIND IN THE GUTTER WEEK.

What that entails: basically, giving yourself a break. Newsflash: Fandom is supposed to be FUN!! (Shocking, I know. Sometimes I forget that one, too. /0\) We do this shit because we LOVE it. We love writing, mixing, arting, podficcing, vidding. So take a project, any project; it doesn't have to be big and important; it doesn't have to be 5763895642389 words long. It just has to be FUN. Write something. Anything. Can be silly PWP or delicious angst/romance or just a slice of life, a situation that catches your eye. This ties in with the High School AU challenge from last month, too. :)

The purpose of this week (which will run until Sunday next week (24th June, incl.)) is to get you to write again. Kick-start your muse. Use it to finish a project you've been working for a while; use it to get all the writing/bunny-related frustration out of your system; use it to start that one project you've been meaning to for a while. No pressure, just the mindset that this coming week, you are going to WRITE, GODDAMN IT, AND NOTHING AND NO ONE CAN TELL YOU NOT TO, BECAUSE YOU DESERVE TO LET OFF SOME STEAM, TAKE TIME TO YOURSELF AND LET THE WORDS COME. This week is an amnesty for any and all projects. Pick one. Pick a dozen. Go back to that bingo square you signed up for ages ago. I know I'm totally guilty of letting all the plot bunnies bury me alive, unable to pick one and just write it till it's done. /0\ (Usually my muse decides for me, picks one and rides me hard until it's done, even as I curse him under my breath. He's been a bit quiet of late, though. WELL, I'M ABOUT TO WELL AND TRULY WAKE HIM UP. >:D)

So my goal for this week is to a) finish something I started SO LONG AGO IT'S ALMOST EMBARRASSING TO ADMIT TO, and b) pick a bunny and write it. Pick your own goal; set yourself a challenge. THEN GET PRODUCING ALL THE DELICIOUSNESS EVER. <33333

Feel free to band out ideas in this post; talk to each other, chat, bounce thoughts, basically ENJOY THE FUCK OUT OF YOURSELVES. FANDOM IS FUN. It's CHOCK-FULL of amazing people who think outside the box and delight in helping other like-minded people. Let's make it a week of celebrating all that we love about this amazing thing we've got going. Like I mentioned, I'm moving into my new flat later today, and basically I can't think of anyone I would rather rock the joint with for a housewarming party than you lot, every single one of you. AND SINCE I CAN'T SHIP YOU ALL OVER, HOUSEWARMING PARTY ON MY JOURNAL!! \0/ THE BAR IS OPEN, PICK YOUR POISON. ♥♥♥
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