Jan. 17th, 2012


Jan. 17th, 2012 05:30 pm
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Still feeling rather weary of spirit. Ugh, stupid hormones. :((( Doesn't help that half of what was supposed to be my day off was spent wrangling deliveries and filling in documents and mostly not resting at all. DX

On the plus side, bought myself a cute wee 4GB mp3 player, and have stuffed it full of fanmixes and podficks and the like! \0/ \0/ Now I can carry fandom's awesomeness everywhere with me!! <3333 Rather pleased with that purchase! :) It's been ages since I've had an mp3 player -- mostly used my phone for music and stuff, but it's crammed full of crap right now and I just don't have the energy to tackle it. This was really the perfect solution! :D And it's so easy to use! I'm impressed! :D

Words are still being an utter bitch and extremely uncooperative. Thank god for [livejournal.com profile] foxxcub and the snippets she keeps sending me from her bb!Steve/bb!Tony verse, which, my endorphine levels spike every time I see a new email in my inbox. <333 Teenage bb boys in loooooove!! ♥________♥ She knows me so well. :')

Right, okay, time for tea and a blanket and watching something disgustingly fluffy. Yes. <3 Saw (finally) Jane Eyre the other day, and UGH, FASSY, MUST YOU BE SO FUCKING AWESOME IN EVERYTHING WHEN I HAVE TO WAIT FOR YOUR OTHER NEW STUFF TO COME OUT. :((( Failing that, a few episodes of White Collar S03 ought to do the trick. It's back on tonight!! \0/ \0/ Can hardly wait.

Oh, what the hell. Let's have a meme as well.

The Poetry Meme

If you see this in someone's journal, post one as well.
Saw a gorgeous poem in [livejournal.com profile] somehowunbroken's journal the other day, and thought, hey, neat. So here is a poem that, despite not necessarily having anything to do with who I am, still had a profound effect on me the first time I read it.

How to make love to a trans person )
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