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God, I haven't posted in ages. I'm sorry, I'm just, overwhelmed-busy. Been away for the weekend to gran's, just came back, and of course no internet there. I've only got the strength to log onto twitter at this point, sadly. :(

It's baby Nicky's birthday today!! \0/ Little boy is one year old! <3 It's been a strange, amazing, sad, tough, awesome year. I'm happy to still be around, and I'm happy to have all you guys around with me. ♥ /reflection

In other news, the Cap_IM RBB is KICKING MY ARSE. Happily, found out today that I had my deadlines all mixed up -- in fact, it's not this Friday (13th April), but rather 24th April! WHICH IS A GINORMOUS RELIEF, LET ME TELL YOU. There's so much of this story yet to tell, it's all I can do at the moment to keep up.

Jesus, I'm sorry, I'm just, so tired right now. Drove back from Sofia this morning, after faffing around on twitter until almost half one last night, so hardly enough sleep. Haven't been sleeping all that well, either. Fucking full moon. :((( So all I want right now is to take a nap, but I suspect baby Nicky should be awake soon, so IDK how feasible that is. :)

ANYWAY. I want to make a nice long-ass rec list for Clint/Coulson, because IT IS AMAZING AND THERE SHOULD BE MORE PEOPLE INTO IT. :D And also because it would be so much easier to point people to it when they ask me. So I guess time to compile some fics! :D Tell me, you guys -- which ones are your favourites? Which ones should definitely be put on this list? That would make my job tons easier. <3

I hope everyone's doing as well as possible! ♥
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Okay, enough depressing shit for now or I will just curl in a ball and cry all day, and it's just too much at the mo especially on top of getting my period and getting depressed anyway.

SO. Stuff that made me smile today, v. 2


2) Alex O'Lough on set looking dusty and grimy and DELICIOUS )

3) [ profile] delicatale, for making me all warm and fuzzy by suggesting we write Steve + baby for fun. It's been ages since I've written anything just for fun, what with the 20K big bang, and then Charles and Erik whacking me over the head, and other Long And Complicated stories wanting out. This is pure indulgence.

4) This pic from today's PostSecret post )

5) People being awesome. Aka [ profile] help_yca, an auction to help the charity which helps Young Chicago Authors, a program whose mission is to "transform the lives of young people by cultivating their voices through writing, publication, and performance education.". It makes me feel glad to be human when there are people like this in the world. I'm offering a fic each for the two highest bidders. My thread it here.


7) Downloaded the latest episode of Suits and all of the new Torchwood eps!! \0/ OOOH AWESOME TV NOM NOM.

8) The weather is actually okay for a change, and I have a whole (rest of) Sunday to enjoy it! French windows are thrown wide open and baby Nicky is snoozing on the sofa looking adorable. There's lots of mum's aubergine moussaka left over (mmm) and dad's going to carve up a watermellon for later. What's not to like?
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Another poll! This time to decide what me and [ profile] delicatale should write next, the HP fusion or the Fast and Furious-inspired double agents spy fic! We're... er. Likely to write both, of course, knowing us. >.>;; But just think about it! Steve the Gryffindor DADA professor who is also an undercover Auror! Danny the head of Hufflepuff house! And Danny the FBI agent and Steve the racer! AMAZEBALLS EVERYWHERE!! Hou could we possibly pass on either of that??

In other news, next part of Hand in hand is posted! Part Three! And just in time for Inception Fandom's birthday, too! \0/ I can't believe it's been a whole year already, and what a year it's been! :D All these amazing people I've met, I am just the luckiest girl! I ♥ you all so much!

Slept for twelve and a half hours last night, and now my brain wants to do ALLLL THE THINGS. It's still hideously hot over here; I am swimming in my own sauce. D: Baby Nicky is stark naked but for a nappy, sprawled on the couch, playing with a stuffed dog. HE IS THE MOST ADORABLEST. *_____*

We are very likely to finish the Bakery AU today, aided and abetted by [ profile] imaginarycircus's coffee, of which there's still about half a pack! \0/

What else, what else... Almost done with my mixtape exchange! :D I am making a mix of songs, half of which Charles plays for tiny bb mutants that should not fight at all, and the other half of which Erik plays for growing mutant soldiers, why can't you see that, Charles? It was all my brain was good for yesterday. D: It is such a great idea, though!

I am... thinking about my next fic. I'm gonna watch The Lake House in the next couple days, and then consider which fic to start first, that one or the fake marriage one. I guess I'll wait and see which one whacks me over the head first.

I leave you with this: Alex and Scotty being boyfriends )

EDIT: Bakery AU. Done at 43,341. TELL ME THIS ISN'T FATE AT WORK.
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Oh god, the heat, it is unbearable already. There's code yellow and orange for the country, I've barely been able to sleep, and even the thinnest cotton dress is too damn much. Ugh, I'm terribly irritable, but that might be because I'm still on my first cup of coffee as much as the heat. Baby Nicky is naked but for a nappy and he's still like a little stove, he's so warm. I HATE SUMMER. Or, more accurately, I hate summer when it's THIS FUCKING HOT. The forecast is 36 C in the shade. D:

Anyway. Progress has been made!! Hand in hand is the only way to land, part two has been posted, with no less than three gorgeous pieces of art! :D SO CUTE, OH MY GOD. <333 I have SO MANY HEARTS for this story that I've had to borrow from zombies.

The Pride & Prejudice Charles/Erik thing is DONE!! :DDD Does anyone fancy giving it a second (third) look? [ profile] zarah5 has already been over it once, and I've re-read and edited it, too, so it should be pretty solid, but another pair of eyes never hurts! If anyone would be so kind as to volunteer, that would be amazing. <3

We're making really good progress on the Bakery AU, too! :D Yesterday's wordcount is as follows:


16604 / 40000

I imagine that we'll hit 20K at least today! \0/ I'm diving straight in once I've posted this! Moar writing today! :D Yesterday was wonderfully productive, and I hope today will be also! :D Although one of my cousins and his wife are passing through town, so I shall have to be social for lunch. DNW. :/

Oh god, gave myself a plot bunny the other day, WHY BRAIN WHY must you torture me so??? Basically, it went like this. [ profile] andrealyn asked me what Arthur/Eames AU I wanted to read most, and I got to thinking, because as you all know, AUs are kind of my thing. BUT THEN. My brain decided it might be a good idea to work, which, no. BRAIN, IT IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA TO WORK. D: And so this happened:

>>Oh, oh, here's one! Tennis player AU! :D Arthur is the star American player at Wimbledon, and Eames is the British player that acts like a slob and like he doesn't care, but really he's incredibly driven and trains like 8 hours a day. And there shall be prejudice and misunderstandings and EPIC SMOOCHY LOVE. <333 Can't imagine why I haven't thought of it before! *gleeface*<<

BRAIN, NO LOVE. D: Because now I may have to actually write it. Oh Jesus. DDD:
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